VUC by AART Architects

Project: VUC – Learning Centre
Location: Haderslev, Denmark
Area: 6500 m2
Designed by AART a/s
In collaboration with ZENI architects in Aabenraa and COWI in Kolding, AART has won the competition "tomorrow's education" about the new VUC Jutland in Haderslev, where a healthy indoor environment, low energy consumption and social focus goes hand in hand. Continue for more after the jump:

The five floors and 6.500m2 large training center will be housed at Haderslev waterfront and thus puts a distinctive stamp on the city. The building provides simultaneous framework for future learning environment in which cultural experiences are a natural part of everyday life thanks to the public ground floor. The building is designed as a democratic house with a sharp profile that involves the public urban space as a natural part of the house and creates the greatest possible consistency between inside and outside, which is underlined by building large terraces allowing direct access to fresh air during both between and after classes.

The social focus means there is a strong emphasis on creating visual contact between the different floors. The heart of the building consists therefore of a large atrium in which the different floors are connected by a staircase dynamic process and broad walkways that invite students and teachers to meet across age and subject area.

The building is also designed so that with simple techniques and technological innovation ensures a healthy indoor climate year round, without burdening the environment by using large overhang as sun protection, which both protects against and enjoys the sun's heat.

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