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Mariano Vivanco Interview by Lope Navo

photography by mariano vivancophotography by mariano vivancophotography by mariano vivanco

LOPE NAVO: I’m having a full circle moment with you Mariano, it’s quite a pleasure for having you in My first question is: what were the last images you took before this interview and with what kind of camera?

MARIANO VIVANCO: With my new Blackberry, a snapshot of Amanda Leopor and Casting Agent Melissa Lee Bastel at Circus last night, should I email it to you?

NAVO: I love emails and I love that I’m interviewing you for my blog! Do you read blogs, Mariano?

MARIANO VIVANCO: Yes I do, in fact I have one [Team Vivanco Blog], but I think your blog is very important. I like Homotography, too… Design Scene, YVY and Nicola’s [Formicetti] blog.

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