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Pug Dogs for Happy Kids Auction Starts Now!


Pug Dogs for Happy Kids by Luisa Via Roma
Pug Dogs for Happy Kids Auction created in collaboration with LuisaViaRoma and 21 world renowned designer names in support of UNICEF project ARISE (Appropriate Resources for Improving Street Children's Environment) is starting now! This remarkable project unites designers, bloggers and fashionistas in support of children in Bangladesh.

Bloggers taking part in LuisaViaRoma's recent Firenze4ever got to adopt one of a kind pug from the collection customized exclusively by international luxury fashion designers. We at Design Scene adopted the adorable Versace pug which goes on auction on eBay from March 26 to April 1. 

Bally US

We'll let you know more about the auction in the days to come, for more info log on to LuisaViaRoma's web page.

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