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New Swimwear for Summer


With those warm summer days around the corner, it’s time to find that perfect swimsuit. With so many options available, many of us know looking for new swimwear for summer is no easy task. From sweet & sparkly to fun & flirty, heading to your summer getaway you'll want a cute new suit for every day of the week.


To get an idea of a perfect choice you don't even have to go to the beach, you can simply look around yourself. You'll come to realise the trend is surprisingly similar to what's on the streets this summer. Simply you can't miss the burgeoning desire for bright, feminine focused lines and hues ready for your daring and dazzling attire. At this moment all you need to worry about is one pieces or two piece? Shying away from the cleavage craving and often lift-loving tops paired with cool bottoms is not that much of a disaster anymore. If your pale skin practically self destructs in the sun, one-piece is the right choice for you. We selected a couple of coveted fresh one-piece looks of the season to illustrate our story.


Bikini or not we still don't want to let ourselves look for a new suit late in the season, 'cause you know anytime now they'll be cleared of the racks. Naturally you'll turn to your friends seasoned in this dilemma, the most likely answer is going to be – online shopping. Simply you can find a place where you can select new swimsuits all year round, many of the sites offer an excellent still life of the suit, both front and the back. For us the swimwear at Tesco Clothing would be a reliable source.

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CAAPI Spring Summer 2012 by Joanna Szproch

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