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PRADA Opens an Impressive New Store in Tianjin


Prada opens a new store in Tianjin at the renowned Galaxy Mall designing a new store is architect Roberto Baciocchi who shaped the design with his team for the massive space of 950 square meters. The new store's interior shaped in the sentiment of label's store design offers both men's and women's ready-to-wear collections, as well as bags, accessories and footwear.

House of Prada pays tribute to artist Carlos Cruz-Dies with stores massive and visually showstopping storefront. The design comes with black marble base framing six wide light boxes. The outstanding kinetic effect is achieved thanks to a structure made out of backlit gold-coloured aluminium as well as polished steel panels running all over the height of the facade.

Discover the interior of the new Tianjin PRADA address below:

Roberto Baciocchi Roberto Baciocchi Roberto Baciocchi


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