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Wedding Fashion Picks On A Budget

Is a lace sheath jumpsuit ever ok? And is there something special for the occasion without a princess price tag?


Picking what to wear on your wedding day is a big decision, so it can be difficult to know where to begin. Should you go with a ball gown or a short dress? Is a lace sheath jumpsuit ever ok? And is there something special for the occasion without a princess price tag?

Elegant wedding fashion doesn’t have to be expensive, and if you’re on a tight budget, simplicity should be your first port of call. Don’t let fiscal woes compromise your style; it’s all about careful selection, experimenting with different looks, and searching for bargains. While wearing the first thing that comes out of your wardrobe may seem a lot more budget-friendly, nobody wants to see cardigans and denims in a church, so give it your best shot with these budget-friendly wedding fashion options.

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A wedding dress without all the bells and whistles can still be incredibly chic. Go with off-the-shoulder cut with a subtle bow around the waist; it would be a sleek appearance with just the right amount of elegance and femininity. Focus on the delicate embroidery as the highlight of the dress and style it with simple pulled-back hair and jewelry.

But if traditional white is not your preferred style, go with a soft neutral hue featuring a barely-there print. This kind of retro style is an ideal fit-and-flare silhouette, which is perfect for showing off statement shoes. And for a relaxed wedding outdoors, a chic mini guipure wedding lace dress will make your day without requiring you to break the bank.


Modern brides can look chic without spending a fortune. Tools such as the wedding budget tool by Wedding Wire can be resourceful for keeping yourself organized and on track without going overboard with accessories and other wedding essentials. Such tools help you set your wedding accessories budget so it doesn’t have to be stressful.

You don’t really have to settle for rose gold headpieces and jewelry; vintage-inspired headbands made from a budget-friendly material are just as good. If the gown you picked is unadorned, a statement veil draped with crystals can be a great way to make a statement with some bling, and you’ll love how delicate these veils are. Also, go with flowers as they make for beautiful headpieces at a mere cost; how ideal for a springtime garden wedding. 


Budget wedding fashion keeps things exciting, pushes the limits of design and enables a bride to make a statement. Footwear is included as an integral part of the exciting wedding dialogue. For the current season, brides can do justice with a little bit of sheer over the sole; soft colors such as light blue and soft green are trending this season. A simple perforated design would allow for ventilation that even the most expensive footwear line may lack.

Custom decorated vintage heels can also be bought on the budget courtesy of places like Etsy. You can find the perfect shoe and get it tailored to your exact custom specification featuring retro styles or delicate vintage to it. Just because you can’t find an elegant vintage statement shoe in your budget, don’t worry, Etsy shoe creators can easily turn a new shoe into a vintage style, without asking you for a large sum.

Got any budget-friendly wedding fashion tips to share? Feel free to leave comments. 

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