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Claire Danes for British Glamour December 2014

Claire Danes

Homeland star Claire Danes takes the cover story of British Glamour‘s December 2014 edition captured by celebrity photographer Damon Baker.

There are still shockingly few women who hold real positions of power in my industry. I think because we don’t, still, have that much experience with accepting women in authoritative roles, y’know? We’re all a bit jumpy about that. I think there’s a mental leap women have to take because we’ve internalised this idea that we’re not supposed to forge the way. I think that’s changing but it’s a Catch 22: you need to see women successfully take those roles on to feel secure enough to dare attempt it yourself. The statistics are clear, there’s not [a rueful laugh] absolute parity… ” – Claire Danes about working in a male-dominated industry.

ClaireDanes ClaireDanes

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