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Polish Fashion Now at Paris Fashion Week

Polish Fashion Now

The Polish Institute in Paris supports emerging talents with Polish Fashion Now exhibition held during Paris Fashion Week.

Polish Fashion Now is a unique opportunity to shed light on some of Poland’s most inspiring designers, illustrators and photographers, in the heart of Paris during the March edition of Fashion Week. Gathered under one single roof, these young creative minds have a few traits in common, such as boldness, enthusiasm, guts, and a love of colour and print, as well as a desire to make a statement. Relatively unknown within the global fashion sphere and waiting to be discovered, young Polish designers manage to infuse historicity and technique with a witty sense of humour, giving their designs a refreshing appeal. Valuing integrity and self-expression, this generation has a world of its own, rich in contrasts and divergence. The event encapsulates the avant-garde spirit of Polish fashion, a subtle mix between playfulness and intellectualism. Whether it be womenswear, menswear or accessories, such as hats, scarves, bags and shoes, Polish fashion combines an architectural understanding of volumes and shapes with a spirited take on garments. The 16 participants presented within this year’s event have a passionate attitude towards their craft, mixing style with substance.

For more images from the event and the list of designers continue below:

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Mia Stass

Mia Stass by Sevda Albers for Grazia Germany

Monastero by Patrick Jendrusch for Design Scene