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#MFW Corneliani Spring Summer 2016 Collection


The instantly recognizable elegance of Corneliani remains pivotal for another season at the famed Italian fashion houses. Opening the fashion week season (traditionally Corneliani is the 1st show in the Milanese schedule) the house has changed the location to an indoor of the lavish Palazzo Litta.

The baroque interior went hand in hand with the nuances shaping the collection. Nevertheless the design team has kept the pieces monochrome and while honoring the classic code of men’s tailoring they shaped the SS16 in a contemporary manner.

The garments are rather light and undoubtedly season appropriate, however Corneliani is now targeting a more youthful yet fashion conscious audience with its new designs. Continue after the jump to discover some of our favorite looks captured by our fashion week photographer Maud Maillard in Milano.

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For more of the label log on to | Photo Maud Maillard

Desert Beauté by Tom Wawnik for DESIGN SCENE