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#NYFW John Varvatos Spring Summer 2016 Collection

John Varvatos

American designer John Varvatos presented his Spring Summer 2016 menswear collection yesterday during New York Fashion Week: Men SS16.

In the early ‘70s, Southern California saw an influx of British rock stars, all brandishing iconic flamboyance and dandy-informed style. Legends like Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Page, and Keith Richards—the latter a source of both personal style and design inspiration for JV—were drawn to the relaxed bohemian aesthetic of the SoCal music scene. Areas like Laurel Canyon provided a backdrop for this distinct meshing of lifestyle cues, which morphed into something entirely new. The resulting ambience could be felt as deeply as the saturated melodies of the greatest albums released in this migration’s wake. It is this vintage-sourced aesthetic which is expertly peppered along the edges of the John Varvatos DNA for spring. While the clothing remains timelessly relevant and independent of rigid themes, the end result emits the vivid charisma of an early ‘70s rock ‘n’ roll moment.

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Blond Ambition by Mikey Whyte for DESIGN SCENE