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#BFW Pearly Wong Spring Summer 2016 Collection

Pearly Wong

Malaysian born fashion designer Pearly Wong launched her eponymous label in 2012, after graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. In the same year she was awarded with the “My Fashion Pitch”, by MyCreative Ventures, which contributed to the success and rise of her newly founded label. The label made itself a name in South East Asia due to its multifunctional, monochrome garments. It was the second time that the label presented its collections during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. It impresses with its edgy, unique style. You can find Pearly Wongs’ collections in LNFA Concept Store in Berlin, but also in stores in Singapore, Malaysia and China. Berlin as a city seems to be the perfect addition for Pearly Wongs’ creations: eclectic, creative and highly innovative. The 27 pieces of her SS16 collection can be seen as unisex fashion and the cuts are kept rather straight. Contrary elements are often paired in one look: heavy buckles and haphazard zippers meet clean garments. That contributes to the very unique character of this collection. Absolutely astonishing! “Destruction” can be seen as a reflection of the past collection, it retreats from the chaos of the labels’ dystopian influences, with the aim to push forward with an undying fighting spirit. Completely compelling!

The colour palette is dominated by monochrome hues, and therefore mainly black and white are used. The labels’ curious textures are juxtaposed against this seasons’ chaotic prints. It is interesting to observe the collections’ pieces, as it is something we haven’t seen before in any other collection.

“Destruction” takes its inspiration from science fiction filmography, of which the designer is heavily influenced by. The silhouette is kept sculpted and tactile. The whole collection can be seen as a manifestation of this metamorphosis. The make- up of the models is focused on the eyes, with an eyeliner and accented eyebrows. The hair is kept up and worn as a bun. Young, creative, daring.
In addition to those edgy outfits, open sandals are worn.

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Review by Sussan Zeck for D’SCENE Magazine

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