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#MFW Ermanno Scervino Spring Summer 2016 Womenswear Collection

Ermanno Scervino

Italian fashion house Ermanno Scervino presented their new Spring Summer 2016 womenswear collection during the ongoing Milan Fashion Week. The collection explores seductive and sensual effects of lace.

The Ermanno Scervino Woman loves ultra feminine pieces outlined by cuts taken from the male wardrobe. Gowns layered in chiffon and organza veils glide on the body, creating a sinuous silhouette. Tuxedo dustcoats in various materials: in multi-layered lace, doubled pashmina coupled with lace, raffia, lasered canvas or the new military-style organza.” –  Ermanno Scervino

ErmannoScervinoSS16-02 ErmannoScervinoSS16-03 ErmannoScervinoSS16-04 ErmannoScervinoSS16-05 ErmannoScervinoSS16-07 ErmannoScervinoSS16-08 ErmannoScervinoSS16-09 ErmannoScervinoSS16-10 ErmannoScervinoSS16-11 ErmannoScervinoSS16-12 ErmannoScervinoSS16-13 ErmannoScervinoSS16-14 ErmannoScervinoSS16-15 ErmannoScervinoSS16-16 ErmannoScervinoSS16-17 ErmannoScervinoSS16-18 ErmannoScervinoSS16-19 ErmannoScervinoSS16-20 ErmannoScervinoSS16-21 ErmannoScervinoSS16-22 ErmannoScervinoSS16-23 ErmannoScervinoSS16-24 ErmannoScervinoSS16-25 ErmannoScervinoSS16-26 ErmannoScervinoSS16-27 ErmannoScervinoSS16-28 ErmannoScervinoSS16-29 ErmannoScervinoSS16-30 ErmannoScervinoSS16-31 ErmannoScervinoSS16-32 ErmannoScervinoSS16-33 ErmannoScervinoSS16-34 ErmannoScervinoSS16-35 ErmannoScervinoSS16-36 ErmannoScervinoSS16-37 ErmannoScervinoSS16-38 ErmannoScervinoSS16-39 ErmannoScervinoSS16-40


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