#MFW Versace Spring Summer 2016 Collection

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The one and only Donatella Versace presented new Versace‘s Spring Summer 2016 womenswear collection during the recently finished Milan Fashion Week.

The Versace woman unleashed in the urban jungle. Masculine tailoring is feminised by a darted, elegantly sculptured waist. Energised animal prints clash and contrast with the attitude of the street. Craftsmanship adds rich detail. A powerful collection that mixes tailoring with sportswear and effortless glamour.

VersaceSS16W-02 VersaceSS16W-03 VersaceSS16W-04 VersaceSS16W-05 VersaceSS16W-06 VersaceSS16W-07 VersaceSS16W-08 VersaceSS16W-09 VersaceSS16W-10 VersaceSS16W-11 VersaceSS16W-12 VersaceSS16W-13 VersaceSS16W-14 VersaceSS16W-15 VersaceSS16W-16 VersaceSS16W-17 VersaceSS16W-18 VersaceSS16W-19 VersaceSS16W-20 VersaceSS16W-21 VersaceSS16W-22 VersaceSS16W-23 VersaceSS16W-24 VersaceSS16W-25 VersaceSS16W-26 VersaceSS16W-27 VersaceSS16W-28 VersaceSS16W-29 VersaceSS16W-30 VersaceSS16W-31 VersaceSS16W-32 VersaceSS16W-33 VersaceSS16W-34 VersaceSS16W-35 VersaceSS16W-36 VersaceSS16W-37 VersaceSS16W-38 VersaceSS16W-39 VersaceSS16W-40 VersaceSS16W-41 VersaceSS16W-42 VersaceSS16W-43 VersaceSS16W-44 VersaceSS16W-45 VersaceSS16W-46 VersaceSS16W-47 VersaceSS16W-48 VersaceSS16W-49 VersaceSS16W-50 VersaceSS16W-51 VersaceSS16W-52

Official Website: www.versace.com