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#MFW Emporio Armani Fall Winter 2016.17 Collection

Emporio Armani presented Fall Winter 2016 womenswear collection during the Milano Fashion Week. The collection is a mixture of classic style and digital designs, using basic geometric shapes — squares, circles and triangles. Called New Pop, the collection features classic Armani tailoring, mostly in black and white. The colour palette includes bright cobalt, yellow, pink and green to decorate traditional Armani silhouettes.


The current revolution: Classic style and digital designs. Today’s seduction: Strength and determination. The Emporio Armani woman chooses a sharp, powerful language. On a black background more often than on a white one, a visual explosion of digital signs and designs, including a sectioned smile, and multi-coloured ‘scratches’. Clean lines and clear shapes. Silhouetted, rounded shoulders for high-tech heroines. Short jumpsuits with short trousers that look like skirts, slim trousers, and mini-but-not-micro skirts. Natural materials are transformed by innovative processes. Sleek shoes with covered heels add feminine flair and lengthen the leg. Sparkle-galore lends a three-dimensional touch to evening wear. A sharply-cut wool broadcloth coat with a sequined plastron speaks of Armani’s whole history– his signature blend of masculine and feminine. – from Emporio Armani

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All images courtesy of Emporio Armani

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