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#MFW Isola Marras Fall Winter 2016 Collection

Isola Marras presented fall-winter 2016 collection during the Milano Fashion Week. The collection isinspired by Russian avant-garde art and Majakovski’s muse Lilja Brik.


“Love is the heart of everything”. Says the verse of one of Vladimir Majakovskij’s letters to Lilija Brik. After all, Lilija’s name itself was abbreviated by her contemporaries into “Л.Ю.” or “Л.Ю.Б.”, the first letters of «любовь» lyubov, or LOVE, in Russian. Lilija, muse of the Russian avant-garde, as Neruda called her, will always be the nymph-inspirer, faithful supporter and love absolute of Vladimir Majakoski. In one of the most beautiful love letters he writes «Is love perhaps everything for me? Everything, just in another way. Love is life, the main thing. From love come verses and actions. Love is the heart of everything. If the heart stops its work, everything else dies, becomes superfluous, without purpose. But while it works it cannot manifest itself in everything.» We all fell in love with Lilija, stricken by her charismatic personality, her beauty, her intelligence. Multifaceted, talented, bizarre, eccentric, just as rational and systematic. Lili, icon of style, was the animator of the salons of excellence, surrounded by artists and intellectuals. A femme fatale with a particular predilection for fashion. This collection is dedicated to her unique eclecticism. Print as the vector of figurative and abstract elements merging and making the garments “dialogue”. The strong, intense, unusual and decisive colour, futurist by inspiration, combines with dynamic forms. The mauve, saffron yellow, curcumin, sage green, aubergine and lake sky blue. The dress as means of communication, manifesto, rises as the fulcrum of the new union between the extraordinary and everyday. Simple lines garnished by embroideries, colourful ribbons, patchworks, inserts, inlays and ruffles. Prints with geometric designs, itinerant decorations made of synthetic lines and logo-like symbols, with contrasts between multi-coloured full and empty lines.  Floral micro-patterns and bunches of flowers. Layers, overlappings and panels giving a figure with expressionist atmospheres, cubist evocations and folklore suggestions. The recovery of popular lines to match with metropolitan solutions. Big dresses, big skirts, big jumpsuits and big blouses. Structuralist sweaters and intimate figurations. Artisan crafting and avant-garde solutions. Fur stoles, working boots, foulard, hats and backpacks. – from Isola Marras

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