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#PFW Emanuel Ungaro Fall Winter 2016/17 Collection

Emanuel Ungaro presented Fall Winter 2016 womenswear collection during the recent Paris Fashion Week. The collection is inspired by Gustav Klimt’s gold, the Helmut Newton’s ’80 and Art Nouveau movement.


The indelible hand of Emanuel Ungaro is reinterpreted by Fausto Puglisi via clashing yet eclectic prints. Masculine fabrics with macro-prints are juxtaposed with animal prints, while three-dimensional floral appliqués complement the opulent macramé embroideries. The collection is sharp; the textures and solid volumes speak for themselves. The idea of a sophisticated and strong woman revisiting her closet. Cabans, kimonos, skirt suits and the evening gowns become new classic wiht innovative constructions; allowing her to build a rigorous wardrobe that exudes bold confidence. The colors: Textured black, brocade, green and gold fil coupè, burgundy silk. Blue, purple, vermillion red. – from Emanuel Ungaro

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  All images courtesy of Emanuel Ungaro

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