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#PFW Jitrois Fall Winter 2016/17 Collection

French designer Jean Claude Jitrois presented his new Jitrois Fall Winter 2016/17 womenswear collection during the  Paris Fashion Week. The collection is inspired by the new era of social, technological and human revolution.


For Autumn winter 2016, I want to be in this new world with the women at the forefront of it, giving them the tools to be powerful, in action and in communication, and in line with our time. Our bodies speak, using a psychomotor language, which communicates without words and without betraying its real meaning. Women are ready to embrace change. Woman at the core of themselves, are willing to create and decide their own destiny. This collection uses a varied array of symbols expressing all sorts of fights and journeys, ones of life, joy and seduction. A military influence is subtlety feminized, with ultra long coats transformed by the softness and lightness of stretch suede, offering a level of incredible protective comfort. The colour palette ranges from grey khakis to burgundy and grey blues. Maxi vests are embroidered with touches of Alpaca, fringes and leather details. Stretch leather tailored blazers, structuring the waist, are worn on fluid suede skirts or on mini embroidered and laced detailed dresses. The house of Jitrois undertakes sophisticated sportswear with enhanced volume. Options include a maxi sports luxe jacket or delicate embroidered sweatshirts. Bright coloured micro stretch suede dresses with zipped collar detailing. Hand embellishments elevate the grunge spirit aesthetic, utilising leather lacing on top of lace, coupled with sequins. The concepts of celebration and parties are always at the core of the brand, with metallic bronze cocktail dresses or suits, worn with shiny patterned leather detailing. Fashion is a creative domain that gets stronger and stronger. In this context, within the heart of craftsmanship and the artistic industry in 2016, we should always remember that a hint of madness is highly recommended to build a destiny. – Jean Claude Jitrois

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All images courtesy of Jitrois


Daphne Groeneveld for Vogue Thailand by Natth Jaturapahu

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