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#PFW Rick Owens Fall Winter 2016/17 Collection

Designer Rick Owens has presented his Fall Winter 2016 womenswear collection named “Mastodon” during the recent Paris Fashion Week. The collection is inspired by Salvador Dali’s painting “Swans reflecting elephants”. Color palette includes white, beige and brown tones and surprisingly little black.


The women’s collection continues theme of evolution with soft abstractions folding around the body in a way that could reflect how we might one day calmly fold into the ether. Like in a Dali painting. On ayahuasca. The primordial splashes and drips that were more aggressive in the men’s collection have been sweetened here in thick cupcake frosting embroideries running down narrowly cut coats, while others are graphically sliced with fields of haphazard draping. The silk gazars from last spring have been infused with wool to create feather-light merino and silk meringues. Floating flannels and mohair clouds are wrapped into robes and tunics to be worn over velvet boxers-cum-skirts. This collection fetishizes a challenging green I call Castaing after the legendary interior decorator Madeleine Castaing. Although it was a turquoise blue she was known for, i liked this weird green she frequently accented it with. And her habit of wearing a wig held on with an elastic chin strap had a couldn’t-care-less-in-waning-years attitude we could all take to heart when facing any kind of decline. We’ve reissued our Adidas tech runner in a thigh-high stretch leather sock— a cross between a sneaker and an opera glove. As with the men’s, this collection is labeled with a one-time-only Owenscorp label that has been dipped in the honey produced by the bees my better half, hun, impulsively installed on the roof of our house. The music is an exclusive remix of ‘Swoop’, a moombahton anthem with uplifting deliriously psychedelic flourishes, by L.A. artists Etc!Etc! and Brillz. Perfect for putting an optimistic face on changing times my favorite Salvador Dali quote to live by; ‘I dont do drugs, I am drugs’. – from Rick Owens

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All images courtesy of Rick Owens

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