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Even with changes affecting Milan Fashion Week as well PRADA remains the pivotal show of the city’s Moda Uomo Spring Summer 2017. Once again Miuccia Prada and her team take the occasion to also present the latest women’s collection. Accompanying the men’s SS17 looks is the Spring 2017 women’s collection, or what is most likely to be classified by fashion media as Resort 2017 collection. The showspace was once again designed in collaboration between PRADA team and OMA’s design office AMO.

The set for the Spring/Summer 2017 Prada show designed by AMO is conceived as a stratification of architectures. The remnants of the previous show are left on the periphery of the room as foundation and visible background for the new scenography, whereas the center is freed to host the new set. The central element in the space is a linear structure which divides the room and amplifies its perceived proportions. A straight ramp, between the inserted ceiling and floor, serves as catwalk, while tribunes are arranged along the perimeter to accommodate the guests. A continuous metallic surface folds around all the elements of the set: generating an abstract layer, composed of meshes with different patterns and dimensions that overlap to recreate a total space. The transparency of the cladding material unveils the underlying framework with Cartesian precision. – from PRADA

Discover the key looks as well as the showspace itself after the jump:

PRS17-(1a) PRS17-(1b) PRS17-(2) PRS17-(2a) PRS17-(2b) PRS17-(3) PRS17-(3a) PRS17-(3b) PRS17-(3c) PRS17-(3d) PRS17-(4) PRS17-(5) PRS17-(6) PRS17-(7) PRS17-(8) PRS17-(9) PRS17-(10) PRS17-(11) PRS17-(12) PRS17-(13) PRS17-(14) PRS17-(15) PRS17-(16) PRS17-(17) PRS17-(18) PRS17-(19) PRS17-(20) PRS17-(21)

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All Images courtesy of PRADA

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