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#LFW Teatum Jones SS17 Collection

teatumjonesss1701Teatum Jones took the catwalk of the ongoing London Fashion Week to present the Spring Summer 2017 womenswear and menswear collection. Teatum Jones also released an open letter to scotland with the SS17 collection:

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“We love you because you top the league ahead of the rest of the UK and Europe, in the legal protection you offer lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people. We love you because you gave us the grit and reality of Sgaire, Tina, Lewis, Connor, Misha, Declan, Hayden and Elina (names of people in our film), who generously shared with us their personal stories and experiences. A group of inspiring young artists, designers, poets and musicians who reminded us of the collective prize we all win from being fearless, open and accepting of difference. And to be honest, who really gives a f***anyway’.” – from Teatum Jones

Discover more of the spring summer 2017 collection after the jump:

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All Images Courtesy of Teatum Jones


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