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For decades now the world has seen young women pursuing their dreams of modeling and catching the eye of fashion’s elite. Beautiful people from all over the world; from different cultures envisioning themselves walking runways, posing for editorials and making lots of money along the way. When you’re young, fresh faced and eager to travel modelling is a platform that can take you anywhere if you’re genetically blessed.

Designers are always seeking out new faces, new looks that redefine their brands. Agnes Sokolowska is one of those new faces. Having grown up in a small village in Poland Agnes is becoming one of those sought after girls designers are taking notice of. Now that you’ve been working has modelling changed you life? “Modelling changed my life completely! Growing up in a small village I would look up at the sky watching airplanes dreaming I could fly away…and now airplanes are like my second home”.

You have to love to travel if you want to work your way up this business. Long hours and week away from friends or family. It takes courage to venture out at a young age. The exposure to different countries and cultures is life’s purest education. Modelling is such a contrast to how you grew up, what do you think about when you’re posing for the cameras and walking down the runways? “Well when I pose I’m not really focused on the camera. I just know this is a moment to express a part of my personality, to express my feelings. It’s a very similar experience when I walk the runways. I only have a few moments to express what I can and really make the moment special”.

Anyone entering this industry knows it doesn’t last forever. You have to seize the moment, your opportunities and carve out your own path as best you can. Some girls work for decades and some only work for one season. What are some of your personal goals you’d like to reach in the industry? “I want to travel around the world and see things I normally would never get to see and I want to meet people who really need our help. I want to give back to others, I want to help build schools or homes for people in need. I want to make a difference!

So many girls working have similar looks, many girls are tall and beautiful so how do you stand out? Models like Linda Evangelista and Coco Rocha have kept their careers viable by changing up their look, finding a hairstyle not many people are doing and doing it better than the next girl. Agnes cut off her long locks into a very severe dark bob. It’s a stand out look somewhat similar to the classic Anna Wintour bob but for a younger girl. If you remember the show Felicity you know the power a haircut can have on a career. What brought about the change of hair? “Well it wasn’t my idea but it changed me a lot! I feel like I have an entirely new attitude” Everyone can relate to that feeling of a new style that gives you life again, that hair cut that motivated you to go for something new or spend a lot of money on new clothes. Samson wasn’t the only one with power in his hair!

If you’ve ever been behind the scenes for a fashion show or a shoot you know it can be completely chaotic with models getting prepared and stylists stressing over fits, we’ve all read juicy tabloid stories about jealousy or stress induced drama. Being sent out first or last is a coveted honor by a designer and by being chosen first and last you make the first impression and leave the lasting impression so designers don’t pick any random model for this job. What is the craziest thing you’ve seen or heard backstage before a show or shoot? “If the show is running late you feel a thousands hands around you doing your makeup, your hair, nails and dressing you!”

Who inspires you in your career the most? “Coco Chanel. She was an independent classy business woman that really inspires me”. What trends are you loving at the moment and which trends would you love to see disappear? “I’m into the minimalist trend, simple clothes that are chic like Emporio Armani designs; those are my favourite. The trend I’d love to see go away is the trend of clothes, bags and accessories all being covered with funny crazy stickers….sorry but just no”. I don’t see much appeal of putting stickers on things either. How would you describe your personal style? “Simple and chic. I have two looks I go back and forth with, I’m either all in black basics or colourful basics”.

Some models are found by chance, some girls don’t aspire to model, some girls don’t see their own potential and for others it takes a plan. Supermodel Daria Werbowy wasn’t found pumping gas or shopping at the mall. It was a process of meeting agents and getting photos taken for agencies to pay attention. How were you discovered? “ I wasn’t! I started everything on my own and with the help of my uncle. With every change in my life my uncle helped me a lot and I love him so much for it”.

Agnes is young, she’s beautiful, she’s a woman with a sense of humour and a fragile glow of youth. When do you feel beautiful? “I feel beautiful when people tell me I’m beautiful. Joking aside I feel beautiful when I feel good inside, good moods and good laughs make me feel beautiful”. Agnes Sokolowska is one of many young women with sights set high and she has the charm and the beauty to reach any potential. If you want something you have to chase it; the journey might be easy or difficult but you won’t know until you try.

Photographer Rui Faria –
Makeup Artist Kim Brown at Premier Hair and Makeup using Nars Cosmetics
Hair Stylist Tracie Cant at Premier Hair and Makeup using Bumble and bumble
Stylist Katie Felstead at Patricia McMahon
Manicurist Steph Mendiola using Burberry in Khaki Green No.205
Model Agnes Sokolowska at IMG Models
Photographer assistant Guillaume Mercier
Makeup assistant Charlene Williams
Retouching Kostas at
Location Trackside Studio, with special thanks to Will Robinson
Casting Camilla Bigler at Star & Co.

Interview by DESIGN SCENE Contributing Editor Matti Bygod@mattibygod



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