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HEAR GREEN THINK YELLOW Understanding Colour

In HEAR GREEN THINK YELLOW – Understanding Color, designer and writer Friederike Tebbe  brings us closer to the new way of discovering the variety of ideas born out of color perception. Tebbe masterfully connects our own vision of color spectrum, as well as the influence of the same on the design industry. For his Understanding Color book published by JOVIS, the writer and designer exercises our own approach to nuances of green and yellow. The author who in 2009 wrote the much talked about Color Spaces is with this book also offering an analysis helping the readers comprehend these chromatic shades. At the same time he is bringing the importance of color placement in design competence.

Color is the main component of our own personal view of the world, it no doubt determines the way we see the world around us. Our own living space is defined and organized in a living structure by our own ideas of color. It is an important link having a hard connection to our own feelings,  whilst being noted quite differently by each and every one of us, it is more often rarely altogether consciously consumed. Furthermore, general seeing patterns, and our own sentiment play a decisive component in our own vision and use of color. The author also aims to explain the importance of color in the way we are able to comprehend both furniture and fashion designer. It questions how important of a design element it is.  The new book also makes an effort to show how can one manage to use such an inconsistent medium in a more objectified way and what must we take into consideration along the way.

Understanding Color show the reader how to explore views on color and one’s own color spectrum, aiming to embed design competence through a mindful approach. Practical exercises and pictorial analyses are included to help us in acquiring an understanding of this medium that is difficult to grasp while at the same time incredibly omnipresent. Strong examples with regard to the interplay of color, interpretation, and spatial experience question our habitual ways of seeing, provide insight into one’s own perceptual architecture, and make seeing a dynamic process.

Finally the choice of green and yellow, as such strong leaders in the color spectrum becomes irrelevant but ever so pivotal in our way to Understanding Color.

Text by Zarko Davinic, Understanding Color by Friederike Tebbe is available in English and German, 160 pages, published by JOVIS Verlag. Price $29.95

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