The Many Ways You Can Boost The Value of Your Home

Your house is always much more than just a home. As an investment, it is the biggest one you’ll ever likely make and therefore it’s the one that, if played right, will allow you to move up the property ladder quickly. But your house isn’t going to magically quadruple in price, it needs investment and all investments need to be carefully chosen if they are going to offer a solid return. So, what are the best ways to increase the value of your home?

There are many, so we’ve broken down the most effective.

Add a loft conversion

Adding a loft conversion gives you an extra room – either bedroom or bathroom or both is it’s en-suite – without taking up any space in the garden. It’s also relatively low in disruption. You will need to strengthen the floor joists, which will raise the floor and so take up a little space, and you will also need to choose the part that shows through the roof so it fits with the design of your house, especially if it’s period. This could add up to 12.5% to the value of your house.

Build a conservatory

This will extend the living space and give you a warm room in the winter, if it’s well built. This could lower heating costs as the heat transfers to the rest of the house. As always, choose wisely to ensure your addition is in keeping with the style of the house. You could also add a way out into the garden, giving the house a more open feel and allowing for the summer lunches outside.

Convert the basement

This is more complicated and expensive than the previous two, and you will always have problems with light and possibly damp. However, it can add considerable value and doesn’t change the outside of the house at all. This can be important in houses which have some kind of heritage protection.

Change the windows

This is relatively very low in terms of disruption and adds considerable curb-value to the house. It looks neat and clean, and everyone knows the house is safe and well-insulated. However, be sure to choose wisely and get windows which fit the style of your house.

Change the front door

Again, a PVCu door will help to add value to the house because the ground work has already been done and everyone knows the value of this style of door in terms of safety and insulation. It is also relatively low in disruption and reputable fitters like Minster Windows will offer a comprehensive guarantee for peace of mind. If this matches the windows it is a big plus. Double glazing really comes into its own if the windows and doors are done together, so this can be a major selling point for the house – everyone loves a warm house!

Lastly, as a little trick, get some mirrors to hang around the smaller areas of the house, such as the hall, to create the feeling of space. With these changes you should see your nest egg develop nicely.

All images from the masterfully re-designed home in Australia, the project named The Pool House is work of the prolific architecture practice Luigi Rosselli Architects. Discover more of this wonderful project on our architecture page ARCHISCENE.

Ines Lopez

DESIGN SCENE STYLE: Ines Lopez in Underpass by Bikram Bose