Shade Your Terraced Area With A Made To Measure Retractable Awning

Every Australian home has a relaxation area either at the rear or to one side of the property, and with such glorious summers, it is no wonder.  While we all like to sit back and relax over the weekend, unless you have adequate shading, this can be an uncomfortable experience, and having to keep moving your chair into the shade as the sun moves across the sky is inconvenient at best. If you would like a shading system that gives you ultimate control, look no further than a retractable awning, which enables you to effortlessly keep that driving sun at bay.

Tailored Solutions

No outdoor area is the same, and with that in mind, any shading solution should be tailored to fit the environment, and with a customised service, your shading will actually look like it belongs, something that is very often overlooked when thinking about sun shading, and with made to measure folding arm awnings in Melbourne from an established supplier, you can be sure that the awning will fit perfectly. The folding arms pivot inside as the awning is opened or closed, and with motorised solutions, adjustment is effortless.

Wide Span Coverage

The modern folding arm awning can cover a width of up to 18 metres and can project up to 5 meters, which gives you a very large shaded area, in fact, larger areas can be accommodated by using multiple awnings. Some models incorporate a variable pitching feature, which really does allow you to find the perfect angle whatever the time of day, and with the help of the supplier, you can select a system that offers you a comprehensive solution to shading. You might wish to sit in the sun on a clear winter morning, and with a motorised folding arm awning, you can choose to have, or not have the sunlight beating down on your terrace.

Motorised Solutions

No matter the size of your terrace, a motorised unit is easy to open or close, and with additional features, such as sun, wind and rain sensors, your awning can be fully automated, and it can even be connected to your smart home system if you choose. The motor would be silent and when the awning is fully closed, a sleek box cover hides the mechanism, which does not spoil the clean look of your property, and with many colours to suit, you can match the awning with the outdoor setting.

Connection Methods

There are a number of ways the awning can be fitted, with a wall mounted unit being the most popular, yet if you have a stand-alone terraced area that requires permanent shading a centre post or cantilever system is the ideal solution, as this gives you the stability without having posts or supports blocking your view. In some tricky situations, the supplier would customise the fixing brackets, and with their expertise, there isn’t a terrace they can’t effectively span. The ideal thing to do is ask the supplier to visit you at your home, then he can see for himself what is required, and you might be surprised at just how many ways there are to shade an area.

A Choice of Manufacturers

The ideal supplier would be one that uses several top notch makes, as this allows you to have a wider range of choices corresponding to your architectural design, and what might be suitable for one situation, is lacking in another. Drop arm awnings offer you a solution for steeper inclines, or of course, you could opt for one that has a variable pitch control, which comes in very handy.

Quality Fabric

The core component of any shading system is the fabric that stretches over the frame, and the latest generation of awning fabrics ticks all the boxes. It is UV resistant and reflects a lot of the heat away, which does help to keep you cooler as you relax on your terrace. Imported fabrics in a range of plain colours and patterns gives you an opportunity to make a defining statement, and the material is designed to be exposed to direct sunlight continuously.

There are many variations with awnings and it is only by talking to an established supplier that you can find the ideal solution for your patio area, and with a Google search, you will soon be talking to a local supplier who can furnish you with all the details and quote you a fair price.

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