DESIGN SCENE HOME: What to Think About When Buying a New Mattress

Buying a mattress as we all know is no easy task, yet with these helpful guidelines we will help you find the perfect one:

New Mattress
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There are so many parts of being an adult that one doesn’t think about often. Whether it be needing to buy fabric softener or a new mattress it can be easy to feel lost when one is just starting out on this adventure of adulthood. So it’s time to buy a new mattress? Where does one begin? Should they just pop on over to the nearest thrift shop and buy whatever is there? The answer is no. How come? There’s a lot of reasons. Here is what to think about when buying a new mattress.

Make sure it is new

Yes a used mattress is cheaper, but in some places it’s even illegal to sell them! They can be gross and spread germs and sickness. Think about how much time people spend in bed then decide if one would want to share that with a complete stranger. Probably every single person is going to have the same answer…no way! Who would want that? That’s why it’s good to look for a new mattress. That might seem a bit intimidating with prices, but the good news is that at the right store it can be affordable. So if one does their research they should be able to come home with a brand new mattress.

New Mattress
Image courtesy of ©Philipp Architekten

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Make sure it’s a comfortable fit

Don’t be afraid to test any and all mattresses that they are interested in. It’s important that the mattress is comfortable, because it’ll be with them for the next decade. Everyone at the store will be used to people trying out the mattresses anyway so they might as well join them so that they can get what is right for them.

One should do their research

First do some research online so that one has an idea about what type of mattress they want to have. This way they can look at pricing and reviews ahead of time. It will save time once actually in the store.

Shop at the right place

There’s a lot of mattress stores such as Leesa. It’s good to shop at an actual mattress store, as they’ll know what they are doing. If one goes to a mattress store there will be more choices and the overall experience is going to be better.

Make sure it is the right size

Mattress sizes are important to remember. Make sure that one goes in knowing what size their bed frame needs. It can be disastrous if one comes home with the wrong size mattress as it is just a hassle to return anything these days. So make sure to double check and go in knowing what one is looking for. In order to check what mattress sizes are available on the market, visit this page.

Make sure one knows about trial periods and the warranty

Lying down on a mattress briefly in a store is not enough time to know if the mattress will really be the right fit, so make sure to check into trial periods and the warranty just in case it turns out that the mattress is not for the one who bought it.

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