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Photographer Rafael Rios Explores The Latino Family Unit and Culture

Rafael Rios
Brooklyn-bred, Puerto Rican photographer Rafael Rios teams up with Baque Creative Press for an impressive debut photo book, entitled Family. Exploring the early 2000’s era, human connection, traditions, and his Puerto Rican heritage, Rios takes his family as his first muse and inspiration. The images derive from 1999 when Rafael was 16 years old, leading up to 2006 when he was a 23 years old college student. The book consists of 91 color images across 117 pages that include portraits of cousins, great aunts, uncles, Brooklyn beach days, BBQs and even hospital visits.

By the end of the book I want readers to feel like family, like they’ve just looked through a photo album of their own. 
I want them to see themselves and their families in mine. I want this book to convey that there is beauty in everyday life, places, and spaces and sometimes the simplest moments captured between family not only end up being the most important but also shape who we become. – Rafael Rios


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