Finding a Career You’re Passionate About

Whether you’re just starting out on your career path and entering college, or you’re looking for a career change, passion is one thing that you must have in order feel satisfied with your choice. The best way to ensure your happiness is to follow the type of career that calls to you, not necessarily where you think your talents lie.


One industry that’s always looking for new talent is the architectural profession. Getting a bachelor of architecture opens a world of possibilities. You can work for a large firm or branch out on your own after working for other companies. Architecture encompasses everything from contemporary home design to large skyscrapers that make up the majority of New York City’s popular skyline. You can land one of many positions including project manager, model maker and project coordinator.

Design Work

There are a myriad of options in design work including creating graphics and websites. A coding background is beneficial for website creation, while graphics requires more of an artistic degree. Thousands of new websites pop up every day, making it a lucrative choice, especially if you know how to effectively market yourself among the stiff competition. Many people also make a living off design work by simply freelancing and taking projects on a contractual basis. While it’s not necessary to have a degree to enter this field, you’ll definitely want to ensure that you know how to work with the most common types of software to make sure you’re on par with others in the field.

Social Work

If you find that you have a passion for helping others, the social work field is one to consider. It’s a wide open field that can lead you down one of many paths depending on where your interests lie. Child abuse prevention, for example, is a rewarding field when you consider how you’re helping those who can’t protect themselves and need someone who cares to step in and make their lives better. Social workers also help women who are running from domestic abuse, and the homeless population by aiding in finding resources that can benefit them. These include finding new homes, securing monetary aid to help them get on their feet and job searches.


Writing can prove to be a lucrative career option too, and you have plenty of avenues to explore. If you enjoy creating characters and fleshing them out in a story, you can go into fictional writing. With the technology available today, you can even self-publish with very little effort. If you prefer non-fiction, become a copywriter for large Fortune 500 companies that are always looking for new content for their websites to keep them relevant in search engines. Reporting is another avenue you can explore, especially if you have a head for details and the talent for getting people to open up to you. Copywriting and fictional writing don’t typically require a degree, but if you choose to enter the journalistic field, you’ll definitely need the background to help you reach your desired profession.

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