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3 Things Your Fashion Blog Needs To Draw Visitors

There are people all over the world showcasing their style, whether on Instagram, a personal lookbook, or a blog. Some of them know what they’re doing. Most of them don’t. There are some people with seriously bad taste who consider themselves fashionistas. In this day and age, where we’re connected to billions of people all the time, anyone can get an audience.

But maybe you’re building your own fashion blog, and you’re not sure how to get visitors. You know you’re on top of all the latest trends, and you know you’ve got a good eye. However, that’s not enough. You need to be strategic in order to get visitors.

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Firstly, you’re going to need to start that website. For that, you’re going to need website hosting. WordPress web hosting is ideal for a fashion blog. There are options that cater to high quality images that need to be loaded quickly. You can also make sure that, even if you are not tech savvy, you are taken care of by people who know what they’re doing.

Once you’ve got your hosting sorted, the following 3 things will draw visitors.

1. Lots Of Content (All The Time)

Succeeding online is often little more than a numbers game. If you are constantly posting good content about trending topics, you will get noticed by some people. In internet terms, “some” can be tens of thousands.

Quality is important, and obviously you are creating a blog for the quality content rather than simply drawing lots of visitors. However, quality alone doesn’t breed success. You need to make sure your work is seen. Post a lot. Post often. Post about things that are trending. And post about what is meaningful to you.

When you have visitors, don’t lose your momentum. Keep them coming back, and turn them into established followers.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Even if you’re posting regular, high quality content, you still need to make sure Google (and other search engines) show your site in searches. For this, you will need search engine optimization (SEO). Experts have studied Google’s algorithm, along with all its updates, to figure out what you need to do for Google to notice.

Ideally, you should hire someone to do SEO for you. SEO agencies can help determine the best action plan for your SEO in order to identify your biggest opportunities, thus building a sustainable foundation for long-term growth and success in organic search. Learning yourself is possible, but because Google is constantly evolving, SEO strategies from years ago are now redundant. Someone who specializes in this has time to keep up. You probably don’t.

3. Create Backlinks

Part of SEO involves getting other websites to link to your page. This establishes your reputation as trustworthy. To do so, you’ll need to do outreach to other blogs. You’ll need to offer them links in return.

In other words, your competition can be your biggest asset. You have to establish good relationships with them, as you need each other. Instead of tearing them down (and taking yourself with), you can build each other up.

This is, again, something you can get your SEO expert to do. Finding blogs to reach out to and sending them personalized emails takes a lot of time.

You may have style, but that doesn’t mean your blog will be an instant hit. Follow the above steps, and you’ll start drawing in all the visitors you could have hoped for.

Images by Erdem Akkaya for Design SCENE

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