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Gentle Monster X Ugo Bienvenu ‘13’ Collection

Watch the 3-Part Animation Crossing the World of Reality and Fantasy

Seoul-based eyewear brand Gentle Monster has worked with French animation director and illustrator Ugo Bienvenu on a new digital campaign for the ‘13’ collection featuring the 2019 products.


The brand takes us to the near future where planet earth faces an inevitable endurance of extreme ecological change, due the tilt in the axis of the moon. This time, French animator Ugo Bienvenu Shares his point of view on what the world may look like when there is an extra month, ‘undecember’ in the calendar.

Watch the 3-part animation, crossing the world of reality and fantasy below:

Karaoke, at the Garden’s Birth

What Are Angels Made Of

A narrative that started from an imagination on ‘What if the world had 13 months?’Gentle Monster presents a dialogue on ‘the unpredictable’, as the second chapter of the story ‘13’, with French Animator Ugo Bienvenu. Humanity is placed in the time of unpredictability as the 13th month commences, and human subconscious faces change due to ecological transformation. – from Gentle Monster

Gravity of a Conch

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