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Getting ready for the spring season can feel like an out of worldly task of a head to toe metamorphosis. Here DESIGN SCENE Magazine’s Beauty Editor Juliette Picard breaks it into easy to follow rules, from giving you a nudge after the long hibernation to going back to your ultimate summer body.


Beauty surely starts from the inside, however it is far more complex than just falling down to the mantra of you are what you eat. Let’s get serious for a moment, whether you are getting ready for a summer or you just realized it is time for a massive new emotional and physical step in your life there is no such thing as a magical potion.

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Begin With Your Mind

A full approach to inner and outer beauty can’t come into our lives unless we remove the dead, the boring and heavy moments of our daily lives. It is pivotal to love your life so we could love our skin. When we need a reboot, create a plan aiming to change your ill habits, delete the barriers in your life, and keep the new resolutions that both you and the world around you can adopt to. Distancing ourselves from people who do not support our ambitions and dreams, or who cloud our focus and optimism. Staying away from people who believe the present without hope and living in the past the defeat is no doubt imminent long before we take this road.

To move on we must continue shedding or simply said exfoliating people who in that moment are not welcome to fresh ideas and changes is pivotal – no matter how harsh that may sound. That does not mean that everything will align itself as hard, to start the process the easiest way is to visualize. One of the ways to do it is to print out images and words helping you focus and inspire you persist with your goal. Call it a vision board, something to help you imagine what your life would be like if you lived such a vision.

The Beauty Detox

Our bodies have a fascinating ability to detox, the impurities in our system are filtered by our organs such as liver and kidneys. In an impeccable environment we wouldn’t need more than that, our bodies would simply do their job. Unfortunately, in today’s surrounding you can only be afraid to think about the sheer volume of harmful substances which are impossible to keep out of our bodies in a natural manner. Many of those harmful substances and chemicals linger on in our body for months, sometimes years, causing a long term damage. Such a situation simply leaves our detox organs overloaded with these toxins continuously present in our body. If you think of our organs as cars, whether it’s a Mercedes Benz or a Fiat, if running continuously they are bound to come to a hick up.

Chemicals are today simply everywhere, from our food, to makeup, hand soaps and laundry detergents, clothes we wear and even the pans we prepare our food in. Today, these toxins are connected to each and every health issue under the sun. The tragic part of it is realizing very often without our knowledge we expose ourselves and our children to these harmful substances.

While this is all rather overwhelming, and most of the time out of our hands, where we can start with the notion of a detox is on our plates.

Clean Plate

As hard as it may be to pass on a quick lunch at your favourite fast food place, anyone who has ever taken upon clean eating (even if only for a couple of days) would probably confirm that a dose of additional mental stability and a very nice energy boost is really a nice side effect. When your body gets to spend much less time on processing the overload of food, it can spend more time on regulating both our chemical and physical functions. To this day there are no makeup hacks or hairdo tricks that can go against the results of healthy eating.

By many the rules of clean eating are quite simple, however most of the rules contain a lot of NOs. Starting from no alcohol, no caffeine, no beef, no pork, no soy, no corn,  no peanuts (other nuts are actually recommended), no shellfish and no raw fish to name only a few. All of these nays can simply get you in a state of panic – have I’ve been eating everything I shouldn’t have? Do not panic, there’s actually a lot of tasty food left even when detoxing. Detoxing itself should not mean we are depriving our body of valuable ingredients, instead we should help our body by offering the easy-to-process types of food fool of nutritional value. If you’ve done a full detox before and you are aware a cup of coffee or foods such as bananas and eggs are not a problem for you feel free to indulge yourself.  In consultation with your nutritionist you should option for a 10 to 30 day detox. Even a 10 day period can be enough to reset our system.

From That Glass of Wine, To Skin and Hair

We all love to read a study confirming there is that protective benefit from drinking a glass of wine a day, and we might enjoy the temporary mood boost and the skin flush of the moment thinking it simply confirms the theory. Nevertheless when it comes to your hair and skin there simply no benefit whatsoever from drinking alcohol. Our body processes body just as any other toxin or simply said poisonous matter we would take. The moment we take a sip, our body starts working on enzyme named alcohol dehydrogenase to start breaking down the alcohol we took. When wet we start taking alcohol our liver starts working hard on neutralizing the negative effect of such a toxic substance in our blood stream. As alcohol goes through our blood stream, it leaves it’s effect on our cellular function, therefore our body needs additional water to break it down and remove it from the bloodstream with the help of our kidneys and liver without creating any damage to our organs. This process to protect our vital organs by our body system takes in the water available in our system, and as a result causes dehydration which is easily shown on our skin when it starts to look wrinkled and sallow.

Smoking has similarly negative effects on our skin and hair, but also it literally affects every organ in our body. If you are a smoker, the first thing you can modify in your lifestyle to massively improve your health, wellness and longevity is quitting cigarettes.

By working harder on what we have on our plate, staying away from excessive amounts of alcohol and desirably quitting cigarettes we are on our way to a healthy way of maintain weight and easier and consistent sleep. This can make all the difference in how our organism produces and repairs the cells. We are made of billions of cells, the better we take care of our cells, the better our skin and hair appears.

Photography Pedja & Denis – @pedjadenis
Hair and Makeup Ekaterina K
Models Rocksa and Alex

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