How to Use Spirituality in the Seduction Process

Open yourself to the universe, we explore spirituality and seduction in consultation with renowned healer Miss Pravala

Some might think that spirituality has been lost in this day and age. With all the hustle and bustle of daily life it can be difficult to focus on your inner goddess and through her improve your relationships. But there are many ways to focus on her to increase allure and attraction without sacrificing the luxurious nature she deserves. Opening yourself to the universe and embracing new potential will surely lead you to the perfect match.

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Material Items

The most obvious way to use spirituality in the seduction process is physical things that channel your energy. In a blog article, they say that when you wear a chakra bracelet on your left wrist (they also sell them here for reference), negative energy is removed which will allow a continuous flow of your sacral chakra that resonates sexuality, intimacy and love. Amulets, gemstones, and fragrances can generate positive relationships, but you must choose the right items for the right person and energy. Essential oils and luxury perfumes are great at orientating positive relationship between couples. Especially helpful are hand crafted potions made just for you. Mala Beads are also super helpful in focusing your energy during meditation. You might want to consider a course to teach you how to use physical items to create a sense of power and allure. We goddesses can never have too much luxury, right?

Certain colors will also evoke an energetic response from someone you are trying to seduce. Pink is the color of love, while red is the color of passion. But you also need to consider the person you’re trying to attract. If you are trying to seduce a person who is cold and analytical, then black or grey might actually inspire more passion. There is so much room for innovation and creativity for seduction with physical items, so be creative!

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction was popularized in the 2006 film “The Secret”. The premise is very simple – we attract everything that we want into our lives, whether we know it or not. All we have to do is practice the art of fine tuning our vibrations to match the positive reactions we want. “Just like anything you can think of in the large spectrum of attraction of one’s desires with a clear understanding of the Law of Attraction, you have to identify what is the type of life you strive to attain and do research about it.” – shares with Design Scene Magazine renowned healer Miss Pravala.

In the context of spiritual seduction, we simply have to change our vibration to match our ideal partner. We must focus on the reality of having a partner right now because it tunes us into the reality we want to have. There is little doubt that this works extremely well, but it does take time. We must focus our attention on what we want, what is right in front of us, and ignore the things that pull our attention away from the beautiful. Doing so extends positive energy to engulf everyone around us and radiates the goddess vibes that surround our current existence.

Vedic Astrology

Astrology is a high art of divination where the positioning of the planets is used to deduce the personality and potential futures of an individual. If you know the exact birthdate of somebody, then you can go a long way toward knowing who they really are at the deepest level. Even if you can only get a zodiac sign, it you can receive valuable information.

For example, try buying or cooking dinner for a Cancer (born between 23 June – 23 July). They will adore you and start to crave the emotional connection and love you exude. They want quiet time to spend with you at home as opposed to wild parties, so showing your domestic side will attract them. You will be very surprised at how well applying astrology to your lovers will work. By understanding how another person operates, it will become far easier to seduce them and to create a profound connection.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Sometimes, it can be easy to fixate on what we want. It can be frustrating when it does not immediately appear, but we must be mindful and take the time to focus on and appreciate what we already have. Appreciating what we already have is essential to opening ourselves to new opportunities – to what can be, rather than what is.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful practices we can use. When we appreciate what we have, the universe responds by blessing us with more things to appreciate! We need to learn to appreciate what we have as this will create what we want to happen. Both of these methods, appreciating what we have and being grateful for it, work equally well.

Stay Grounded

Remember that you may still need to perform some action in order to spiritually seduce somebody. You’ll never succeed if you stay at home in your pajamas. Take time to pamper yourself and focus your energy, but also realize you might need to set up a Tinder profile or talk to somebody at a bar. Above all, eliminate any resistance you may have to a potential match. The universe will provide you with the perfect mate, but your unconscious resistances (such as a person being too tall or short, fat or thin etc) can be a huge barrier to your success. Spirit can bring you the perfect match with benefits that may not be apparent at first glance. Be patience, trust in the universe, and don’t overthink the process.


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