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What To Look For In A Coffee Machine For Home

Tips that will help you choose the best Coffee Machine on the market – quick note it’s more than just a brand:

Many people are hooked on that glorious morning cup of coffee. It’s no surprise that there is an abundance of coffee shops and cafes everywhere, offering you the best coffee beans, the frothiest of cappuccinos or lattes, or the sugary and blended ice coffees. But there’s something about having that first cup of coffee in the morning at home in your PJs. Waking up each morning to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee will surely give you the buzz you need to start your day.

Choosing a coffee machine for your home will give you that desired wake-up call in the morning. Not only will it save you a lot of money by avoiding high price rates at coffee chains, but you’ll also be saving a ton of calories by controlling what’s in your coffee cup yourself. Choosing the best home coffee machine requires a few factors to consider like the type of coffee you want to brew, the budget you have, or how many people will use it. Below are tips that will help you choose the best coffee machine for your home.

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The Type of Coffee Maker

There are so many coffee machines out there with different programs and features that will confuse anyone. Decide on what type of coffee you’d like to drink, and based on that, you’ll be able to choose which machine is right for you.

Espresso Makers: If you’re a hard-core espresso drinker, then a home espresso machine will be perfect. Considered to be the ‘sports cars’ of coffee makers, it’s fairly expensive, but definitely worth it for the high quality coffee it makes. New espresso makers come with the option of making cappuccinos as well with its own milk frother.

Coffee Capsule Machines: These coffee machines have gained popularity over the years for their easy-to-make coffee that comes in pods with any flavour. All you do is place the pods in the machine and watch it make you a delicious, single-serving cup of espresso in a matter of seconds.

Drip Coffee Makers: These are the traditional coffee makers that are bound to be in every home. They’re affordable, extremely easy to use, and they’re able to brew strong coffee and make a whole pot of coffee fit for many people.

The Budget

You only buy a coffee machine once; plan out your budget according to the type of coffee maker you want and make sure they’re long-term costs. Keep in mind that some machines require extra costs later, like buying filters for your drip coffee machine or fairly expensive pods for your capsule coffee machine. Not to mention high quality coffee beans should also factor into your budget.

The Serving

How many people will use this coffee machine? If you come from a big family, then a single-serving coffee machine won’t cut it. Imagine how long your wait will be in the morning. A machine that brews 4-8 cups in one pot will be ideal in this scenario. However, if coffee drinkers in your home are just one or two, then single-serving coffee machines will be the right choice.

The Convenience of Use

When you’re in a rush in the morning, you don’t want to spend too much time brewing coffee. Choose a coffee machine that is easy to use, not complicated, and one that is easy to maintain and clean. You don’t want to waste a lot of time cleaning up filters or waiting for that cup of coffee to brew.

The Special Features

Many of the newer coffee models come with a variety of features. They’ve made them more user-friendly with less complicated brewing methods, they’ve added programmable timings that can have coffee ready for you when you wake up, and some even have built-in coffee grinders, a warmer feature to keep your coffee hot at all times, and a milk frother for automatic coffee machines. Click here to find our more coffee grinders.

A Myriad of Choices

Nowadays, brewing the perfect cup of coffee is an easy task with endless choices when it comes to coffee makers. Picking out the right coffee machine for your home requires quite a few factors to consider, like mentioned above, but once chosen, your coffee making game will be life-changing.


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