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Living in the Gym: How Victoria’s Secret Angels Keep Their Body Fit

Living in the Gym How Victoria’s Secret Angels Keep Their Body Fit

You have probably seen Victoria’s Secret Angels who astonish with their beauty. Their bodies are perfect and millions of girls see them as idols. However, what does it take to have a body like that? How many hours do they need to spend in the gym? Find out the working-out routines of famous models as well as principles of their gym sessions.

Main Work-Out Principles

There is no common physical activity kind that each model uses. It depends on the preferences and goals. However, all the Angels spend a lot of time on cardio. Some prefer to jog, while others use home training devices. Elliptical reviews are an effective way of choosing a cardio tool for home work-outs.

No matter what physical activity they choose, regularity remains the main principle. To get such a stunning body, models work-out 4-5 times a week. In addition to regularity, it is important to alternate the types of load, that is, cardio and weights. Without both methods, it will not be possible to achieve a strong and fit body. That is why the girls often say that their physical activity is comparable to the workload of professional athletes. In addition to regular training, all the girls in the program have a stretch that makes the body flexible.

Living in the Gym How Victoria’s Secret Angels Keep Their Body Fit
Images from SHANINA SHEIK by Olivia Graham for Design Scene – See the full story here

Ways of Achieving Victoria’s Secret Angel’s Body

With due diligence, any girl can achieve an almost perfect figure. To get beautiful abs and slender legs, it will be not enough to exercise regularly. An important part of the model’s routine is a diet. Models try not to eat sugar and generally fast carbohydrates. Of course, sometimes they can and should allow themselves to eat a piece of cake, but they do not get carried away. Besides, Angels make sure that they have five servings of vegetables per day in their diet. So try to add greens to every meal. Firstly, it allows you to feel full faster. Secondly, there are a lot of vitamins in vegetables, and Angels not only have perfect bodies but also healthy hair and skin. You can also make green smoothies.

Living in the Gym How Victoria’s Secret Angels Keep Their Body Fit
Images from DEVON WINDSOR by HELENA CHRISTENSEN for DSCENE – See the full story here

Moreover, when it comes to efficient workouts, rest is as important. Do not forget about relaxation, because such intense training requires a lot of energy. Also, the quality of sleep directly affects the condition of the skin and hair, as well as mood.


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