Essential Baby Clothes Your Newborn Should Have

Essential Baby Clothes Your Newborn Should Have

Dressing a child can be a tough gig. Besides the fact that they’ll probably only be able to make use of any single item for a few months at best, there are some challenges involved with the actual daily wear. The clothes need to be comfortable, reasonably protect them from things like stains or the cold, and also not look absolutely atrocious at the same time. That means kitting out your baby can actually be a bit of a struggle or at the bare minimum, a serious time commitment. Always understand that a baby’s needs in clothing are different from an adult’s, plain and simple.

But then, to make things a little bit easier, here are a few different types of baby clothing options that will help round out any infant’s wardrobe:

Kimono Tops

This article of clothing can either be in short-sleeved or long-sleeved configuration, but often, you’ll find they are somewhere in between, almost like the shirt equivalent of capri pants. Kimono tops are wonderful for a multitude of reasons, perhaps the biggest one being that they open and close from the front, so you don’t need to worry about getting them over your child’s head. Another reason why these tops are such a winning move is that they are loose on a baby’s body, so there are fewer chances for chafing. Babies tend to have very sensitive skin that can get irritated quite easily, so the looseness is a plus. They’re casual and perfect for lounging around the house, but using them as a middle layer isn’t out of the question either.


There are times in parenting that taking some shortcuts seems like an extremely attractive option. When you’re tired from staying up all night caring for your baby, no one can really blame you. The romper is an effective way to take a bit of a shortcut, without being negligent to your child since the romper is both a bottom and a top, all in one. Most baby rompers come with snaps around the lower body, so changing isn’t made a hassle. Otherwise, these would probably be more work as opposed to less. It can be freeing to only have one piece of laundry making up an outfit, as opposed to two. Lastly, rompers are excellent for those hot summer days, where sleeves seem a bit too excessive.


You may know them better as footy pajamas, but stores most often refer to them as sleepers. They’re an entire outfit, with your child being covered from their toes all the way up to their necks. Primarily used at night time, nothing is stopping you from putting your baby in a sleeper for a nice lazy day around the house if you don’t have anywhere to go. Expect a comfortable, warm article of clothing that will also have some features built-in to make changing time extremely simple. A sleeper is an extremely effective choice for indoor clothing since their feet will be protected as they move around the house. Debris won’t stick to their skin, and they won’t be losing body heat to the floor, making sleepers a huge winner for that alone.



This will be the only explicitly gendered option on the list. However, we felt that dresses for baby girls are too important items to be left out. Nobody really expects a baby to be dressed fancy, but when they are, it’s sure to turn heads. A wide variety of examples are available at BitsyBug Boutique and it’s clear to see what kind of vibe these dresses put out. They’re for special occasions worth remembering, and nothing helps accomplish that better than a lovely dress that lights up the room.

Essential Baby Clothes Your Newborn Should Have


Sometimes, you might find them referred to as a bodysuit. A onesie is essentially a shirt, plus a little extra that loops around the crotch of your child. These are the front line infantry of baby clothing because of their versatility. A onesie can be used as a shirt with a little extra to keep the baby warm, or just as their basic clothing option that’s expected to be soiled once, if not multiple times a day. The latch at the bottom where the onesie comes apart makes changing time much less of a chore on top of it all. When it comes to being prepared for any eventuality, the onesie will have you and your baby covered come rain, snow, or hail.


Even during warmer temperatures, a beanie is an absolutely necessary part of any baby’s wardrobe. You know how everyone says that you lose heat fastest through your head? Well, the study that was published with those findings has been proven to be flawed (they tested the theory by putting people outside with everything except a hat). Still, the head is an extremely easy place to lose valuable heat resources. If you want to keep your baby’s temperature regulated, you’ll need a beanie hat on hand, in case you go somewhere that has their A/C on a pinch too cold, or you find that your child is having difficulty staying comfortable. A beanie can also help a child stay calm and composed since it increases their feelings of subjective comfort.


You’re going to need a lot more than just these types of clothes, of course. The reason why these articles are so essential is that they all serve significant purposes in your baby’s life – whether it be to help regulate temperature, keep them clothed while still allowing you the freedom to change them easily, or to just have them looking their best. You’ll notice that most options on this list are prized for their versatility and ease of use. If you shop around enough, you’ll see it isn’t impossible to keep your baby comfortable and safe by mixing and matching different styles. In the end, the amount of options available to you for your child is limited only by your budget and your creativity, so get out there and put together a wardrobe worth being proud of!

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