#HOME: 9 Window Designs You Can Steal

We are giving you 9 fool proof house window design ideas that are almost never fail selected by DSCENE in-house architect and Architecture Editor

Windows don’t just let natural light fall into your room and provide an amazing view, they are meant to keep your home safe and secure. With so many designs and ideas, it’s confusing which design or types of windows to choose for your upgrade or for a fresh window installation in your new house. Some people try to be unique and pull it off successfully, while for others the idea backfires. To help you avoid any bad designs and mismatches, we are giving you 9 fool proof house window design ideas that are almost never fail. Follow us to read about them.

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1. Awning Windows

Awning windows open outward. They are also known as projected windows. They are ideal to use as replacement windows on walls that have a greater width. That’s why you see them installed at a height paired with stationary windows.

It’s not recommended to install them near walkways as they open outwards. They are for kitchens and restrooms to offer privacy and improved ventilation.

2. Double Hung Windows

These are the types of windows that have 2 sashes. They slide vertically up and down inside the frame. You can open them wide from the top or bottom. However, they remain inside the frame. The bottom part of the window opens and closes. The rest remains stationary.

3. Casement Windows

These windows open by swinging out to the side or up. Casement windows is constructed from strong glass. The window has one casement window pane on the left side and another on the right side.

4. Tilt and Turn

These windows open vertically. They are best for ventilation. They are more secure as they usually come up with a multi-point locking mechanism.

You can also open them horizontally. In that case, they let air enter as well exit a room. This also offers easy access to the window for thorough cleaning. Tilt and turn windows are available in a variety of designs and materials. That’s why many homeowners choose them.

5. Picture Windows

These are huge stationary windows that provide maximum sunlight. They are best to install if you have an amazing view outdoors.

6. Arched Windows

Arched windows have a rounded top. They add architectural design to your home. They don’t open or close. The ones that do open operate like casement windows. Homeowners install them above standard windows for ventilation.

7. Bay Windows

Bay windows create angles in a room. They were popular during the Renaissance time. They were installed in family rooms and kitchens of castles.

They provide airflow by the side that opens. They are not used in most modern homes these days. You will see them installed in traditional buildings.

8. Glass Block Style

These windows are installed at the section of the house where the light flow is the highest. That’s why many homeowners have placed plants on the inside. You can find them in frosted and patterned design to control light and privacy. Glass block windows are ideal for use in bathrooms and basements.

9. Slider Windows

Sliding windows have an open operating window. It slides horizontally over the other window. They are installed in modern houses these days. The window opens by gliding along a track.

There is a huge list of more designs in windows which you can install in your home. However, not all of these would go with the architecture of your house. If you are confused, contact a remodelled for replacement glass for windows prices and best design.


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