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DSCENE ECO: Benefits Of An Indoor Water Feature

DSCENE ECO Benefits Of An Indoor Water Feature

Waterfalls and fountains invoke scenes of majestic and peaceful outdoor features in a garden or yard; but indoor waterfalls and fountains are gaining in popularity as they drastically enhance the aesthetic of a room while also creating a calming, peaceful atmosphere.

Bringing the water indoors has a number of good points, including the benefits of outdoor waterfalls and much more! Whether you are considering an indoor waterfall for your office or your home space, here are some of the benefits you can get ready to enjoy:

Relaxing Atmosphere

The tranquil sound of running water trickling can create a relaxing ambience for any room. Whether the water feature is in a sitting room, entrance hall in your home, or a waiting room at the doctor’s office, indoor water features can help people unwind, can make them more patient and they will relax and feel more comfortable. This, in turn, can make them want to stick around and return to your business. Installing a wall fountain for indoors will also drastically improve sleep quality if the accent piece is close enough to your sleep environment. This is because the constant white noise provided by the water wall will help you relax and prevent noise disruptions from keeping you awake. This is one of the reasons many people find themselves listening to artificial running water sounds from CD tracks as the sound is generally considered a great choice for relaxation and quality sleep

The Aesthetic Factor

There’s truly no denying that water fountains are generally appealing in a most enchanting way. The shapes, styles and materials used in indoor waterfalls have become so varied and have improved drastically in recent years due to growing popularity. Today you can find the absolute perfect waterfall to suit your sense of style or decor. There are awesome options available whether you are looking for something more classical, modern-looking or even custom made options. There will always be something that is perfect for you. There are so many ways to add beauty to your home and when considering that several beautifying methods will drastically enhance your general level of comfort while at home, investing in a charming water fountain for indoors will benefit your everyday life through appeal.

DSCENE ECO Benefits Of An Indoor Water Feature

Refines And Purifies The Air

Having water indoors provides some unexpected health benefits. As the water evaporates from your indoor water feature, it releases negative ions. These little particles are known to clean the air, reducing pollutants and making it easier to breathe. These aspects are excellent for clearer thinking and better focus. Improved air quality boasts its very own appealing array of health benefits and just a few of the most notable include an improved circulation as well as general boosted sleep quality. Even if you have air purifying systems in place in your home a water wall will still provide additional benefits.

Humidifier Substitute

Both free-standing and wall-mounted waterfalls and fountains have the benefit of adding moisture to a room, making it more humid. This has health benefits too, easing colds and flu and making it harder for them to spread. Your indoor plants will also love the extra humidity.

Quality Of Life Benefits

Listening to the gentle sound of running water has a major destressing ability. It promotes relaxation, peaceful thoughts, thoughtfulness and can promote sleep in people with insomnia. You will feel more energetic with more sleep and less stress leading to a better quality of life and better health.

Better Energy Flow

Feng Shui is a type of ancient Chinese philosophy that optimizes the natural energy of his or her surroundings through the strategic placement of furniture, plants and appliances. According to Feng Shui, to fully harness this energy in a room, the water feature should be placed in either the East or Northeastern part of a space. If placed as such, your indoor water feature would provide a peaceful space for quiet contemplation; or for meditation or spiritual practices.

You can’t go wrong by installing an indoor waterfall or fountain. After all, they can help us achieve balance, assist us with our health and promote a sense of wellbeing. Look around your indoor space; you probably already have the other elements represented there, like wood, earth, fire, and metal. How about bringing in the water to balance your space? It would also be a great idea to add complimenting home decor additions to your home that coordinate well with the natural aspects of a water wall, such as elegant house plants and even a crystal display.

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