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DESIGN SCENE Magazine Spring 2020 Issue Is Out Now

DESIGN SCENE Magazine Spring 2020 issue is out now with cover star LINA HOSS and more than 100 pages of latest fashion editorials and exclusive interview.

lina hoss design scene cover

New issue of DESIGN SCENE Magazine features over hundred pages of spring stories plus cover story with LINA HOSS. When it comes to our sit down we have exclusive interviews with Lina as well as Maja Salamon, founders of WORN, three inspiring young women designers to watch and stories on dating, today’s friendships and much more. 



Scroll down for an exclusive view of the new issue plus Editor’s Letter words from our Editor In Chief Zarko Davinic:




In the days we started working on this spring issue of DESIGN SCENE Magazine we were months away before planning our fashion week travels and 2020 editorial calendar. At the time we were Olympic inspired stories were coming to mind while looking forward to the games in July and summer travels to have. Today this editor’s letter I am writing with an ever growing dose of uncertainty surrounding the fashion as well as any industry you can imagine. As both us at DSCENE Publishing as well as our fashion colleagues are slowly passing time by navigating the work from home model, we are happy to deliver the new spring issue at least as a moment of relief to all of you, our readers. Spring 2020 is once again prepared to celebrate the talent of our tireless contributors. Most of these stories were shot before the winter holidays, with an excitement for new collections and spring adventures. 

Our Editor Juliette Picard reflects on the ever changing dating life in the wake of Harvey Weinsteins’ sentencing, while I taken by the current social distancing in the opening piece tried to explore the boundaries of friendship. Editor Katarina Djoric with hopefully a more relaxed spring on all of our minds talked about the eyewear industry by investigating the way new trends are shape and tracing the origin of our coveted frames. 

lina hoss

lina hoss

Our cover star Lina Hoss has teamed up with regular contributor Coni Tarallo for the masterfully elegant story styled with coveted spring pieces by Connie Berg. In addition to her cover story we got a chance to sit down with Lina and talk about her sky-rocketing career and future plans. In addition to Lina we also got to have a note-worthy conversation with top model Maja Salamon who unselfishly shared her view of the industry and advice for models starting out. Salamon also posed for a stunning shoot by Piotr Krawczyk accompanying our conversation. 

When it comes to design talent we had the honour to talk to the founders of Geneva based label on the rise WORN, whose exploration of up-cycling is truly inspiring. We are also exploring young talent thanks to our trip to Ukranian city of Lviv later last year where we got to discover a truly inspiring scene of talented designers presented at the Spring Summer 2020 fashion week. We talked to three young women designers who impressed us both with their talent and selfless determination. 

When it comes to fashion stories we are happy to have New York based Fashion Photographer Filippo Del Vita back on our pages with a timeless beauty supplement cover story shot with the styling of Jenesee Utley. This issue also features for the first time spectacular work of photographer Niels Bruchmann and stylist Marcella Verweyen taken by timeless cars and elegant spring garments. Another new photographer is Andrea Cenetiempo whose striking story was styled by Alessandro Ferrari mixing in pieces by young designers with iconic names in a refreshing manner. Our Milan Editor Emily Lee teamed up once again with Karel Losenicky for a seductive beauty story accompanying our dating piece (see the full shoot on our online pages). 

Elsewhere in the issue another of our new contributors is the Los Angeles based Sheen Wang for the Middle of Nowhere story shot on an airport in California with chic travel inspired styling from Catlin Myers. Finally photographer Sarah Storch took an ethereal approach for her story Venus styled by Matteo Ortu with a nod to Berlin based designers. Stay safe! 

Contributing Photographers Andrea Cenetiempo, Coni Tarallo, Filippo Del Vita, Karel Losenicky, Laurie Basset, Niels Bruchmann, Piotr Krawczyk, Sarah Storch, Sheen Wang, Tim Kent

Stylists Alessandro Ferrari, Catlin Myers, Connie Berg, Jade Hennessey, Jan Giovanni Catapano, Jenesee Utley, Laurie Basset, Marcella Verweyen, Matteo Ortu

DSCENE Publishing Team working on issue Thirty-Four: Deputy Editor Ana Markovic, Art Director Igor Cvoro, Fashion Director Katarina Djoric, Milan Fashion Editor Emily Lee, Social Media Editor Maja Vuckovic, Editor-In-Chief Zarko Davinic



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