Tips for Designing a Stellar Outdoor Event Space

Tips for Designing a Stellar Outdoor Event Space

As the weather warms and the season for fun outdoor activities approaches, it’s time to start planning those exciting outdoor events. So, how can you make sure your summer events are stellar?

It’s common to have too much space when decorating outdoors. It’s important to make an open setting more inviting. Massive venues in large spaces may leave guests feeling overwhelmed. This is because open spaces can sometimes make them feel exposed or uncomfortable. Very open spaces may also give the appearance that you didn’t get the number of guests you hoped for. There are solutions to this. You can completely transform your event environment and give it a more intimate feel just by adding a few design elements.

Tips for Designing a Stellar Outdoor Event Space

Lounge Areas

Create lounge areas that allow attendees to relax and network. Outdoor event lounge areas are a great way to make use of too much space. You can do this by using full-sized furniture pieces like sofas, ottomans and coffee tables. What is great is that you can change the layout to accommodate different seating styles. By implementing this method, you create many areas to enhance experiences for your guests.


Partitions are also a great way to divide a large venue into smaller sections. To create your partitions you can use long draping curtains or carefully positioned backdrop boards. The partitions can be created to allow walkways in between.


Tent or Canopy

Tents and canopies are quite popular for housing dance floors. Not only will it add visual appeal when decorated correctly, but it will also provide shelter in case of rain or extreme heat. Add an extra layer of fun by using an inflatable tent or canopy as the center point of your outdoor event. They can also be incorporated into food stations, photo booths and more. There are many ways that you can decorate a tent and add elegance and flair to your event. Make the entryway of your tent stunning by using arches, pillars or other decorations. Add lights, draping or other beautiful decorations inside. The options are endless.

Tips for Designing a Stellar Outdoor Event Space

Food and Drink

Another great use of space is to implement food and drink stations around the venue. This encourages people to mingle and use all of the space. Get creative! Space can also be filled with standing cocktail tables. This small detail will give guests more places to socialize. An attractive bar station is another great idea.


Runways are another great way to define areas. They can lead the way to entertainment and guest can easily locate each feature of the event. Creating interesting segments this way gives guests a more immersive experience. Runways can be created with red carpet runners or you can use potted plants or decor on either side of walkways. There are many design options.

Overall, there is no need for a large venue to be overwhelming to your guests. As long as space is used well, it can have a more intimate feel. There are so many options for decorating cavernous spaces from lighting to furniture and activities. It’s more about the atmosphere that you set than how large a venue is.

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