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Online Clothes Shopping Hacks: 5 Tips for Finding the Right Fit

Shopping for clothes is not the easiest thing in the world but once you know what you are looking for, you are able to get the right fit just for you.


Online Clothes Shopping Hacks 5 Tips for Finding the Right Fit

Shopping online makes it incredibly easy to buy clothes. The whole world is literally your oyster. For a fashion-forward fashionista, the internet is a wonderful, magical place. You can shop in niche designer stores or pick up some bargains from your favorite brands. But whilst the convenience of having multiple garments delivered to our door within 24-hours of placing an order cannot be underestimated, there is a downside, namely, finding items that fit.

When buying clothing in a store, unless you’re in a massive hurry, it’s customary to try items on for size. After all, a size 4 in one store might be a size 2 in another. It’s fair to say, sizes are not standard across the many different brands out there, which makes finding an item that fits a tricky proposition.

Online Clothes Shopping Hacks 5 Tips for Finding the Right Fit

Buying online exacerbates this issue. Since you can’t try an item on, you have no clue whether it will fit, or even if it looks how it appears in the photos. We’ve all seen the horror stories of garments bought from Chinese retailers that bear no resemblance to the marketing images…
Don’t Guess What Size You Are

Sure, we all love to think we are the same size we were at 18, but sadly, unless you’ve lived like a blameless life and have fantastic genes, you have probably gained a pound or ten over the years.
Check what size the clothes in your closet are. There will be some discrepancies, but overall, most should be the same size. Use this as your starting point.

Next, take some measurements, such as your inside leg, waist, bust size, etc. You can check these against the size of any garment you look at online.

Read the Sizing Guide

There really is no excuse not to read the size guide on the retailer’s website. Any reputable seller will have a detailed guide of how their sizing works. They should provide all the obvious measurements for each size in the range, so you see if they stack up against your own measurements. If you don’t check this before you buy, you only have yourself to blame when a size 0 turns out to be suitable for a Barbie doll.

Online Clothes Shopping Hacks 5 Tips for Finding the Right Fit


Are the Items Worn by Real People?

Brands all use photos to sell their items. Some websites feature models with unattainable figures, which is a bad sign. Others prefer to show off their catalog with models that look as if they eat a hearty meal at least once a day. Some clothing is modeled in mannequins, such as underwear mannequins made in the male form.

If you are a far cry from a Vogue model, don’t bother buying garments modeled by stick-thin people with an eating disorder. Even if the item does actually fit you, it probably won’t look half as good as it does in the photos.

It’s much better to buy items modeled by people in your age group and of a similar size.

Read the Reviews

Pay close attention to product reviews. People usually leave a review if they are feeling unhappy with their purchase, so if lots of people complain the item is far smaller than it says in the listing, buy a size bigger than you normally would. And vice versa.

Using Tech to Solve the Size Conundrum

Fit Finder is an intuitive size finder for online apparel stores. Many of the top brands, including ASOS, Calvin Klein, and Lacoste, use this technology to ensure customers choose the right sizes and minimize returns.

Returning online purchases is pretty easy these days, but it’s still better to buy a garment in the right size. Follow the above advice and start shopping the smart way.

Images from Suburbia by Katy Pritchett for DESIGN SCENE Magazine Fall 2019 Issue – See the Full Story Here


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