DESIGN SCENE GUIDE: Simple Ways to Modernise a Room

The simplest ideas are often the best when it comes to modernising your interiors.

DESIGN SCENE GUIDE Simple Ways to Modernise a Room

Home décor can feel like a mammoth task, particularly when it comes to modernising spaces. It’s very easy to become daunted by matters of design, cost and trend, but it needn’t be that way. The simplest ideas are often the best when it comes to modernising your interiors.

Choose your battles

Perhaps you’d like to modernise your whole home eventually. However, taking on too many tasks at once won’t be quick, easy or cheap. To get started, choose the room that most deserves your attention, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or living room. Could you revamp your bathroom with a new choice of tiles and fixtures? Does your kitchen need new cupboard doors or updated worktops? You may find some rooms need only simple fixes to modernise their interiors, whereas others may require a little effort and imagination.

Reorganise and declutter

The way we choose to organise our homes can say a lot about us, as well as influencing family life and convenience. One of the simplest ways to modernise a room is to consider its layout, repositioning furniture so that space and potential are maximised. Clutter is another scourge on the modern home, impeding style and the way we might otherwise use a room. Start getting used to putting things away as soon as you have finished with them, and experiment with creative storage options to hide the accessories you simply couldn’t live without.

DESIGN SCENE GUIDE Simple Ways to Modernise a Room

Embrace the latest trends

Change the way you view your home by adding colourand playing about with favourite patterns. Redecorating is a great way to modernise your rooms, introducing depth and texture that will revolutionise the space and how you might use it. Take a look at some of the latest home décor trends for inspiration, including pink and blue hues, sustainable living and animal prints. Curves and scalloped edges, concealed kitchen units, Scandinavian styles and 70s prints will also be big this year, as homeowners make the most of theirliving spaces. Splashes of colour can go a long way towards breathing new life into your home while adding a modernist twist that even seasoned influencers will envy.

Update window dressings

Let’s face it; dowdy curtains can bring the brightest, most attractive rooms crashing down around us. After all, light plays a massive part in how we perceive and enjoy our homes. Trade heavy drapes, mismatched curtains and tired dressings for bold blinds and stunning shutters, immediately transforming that bay window covering and allowing more light into your home. The right window dressing will not only help to modernise a room but also increase the flow of natural light and fresh air into your home.


Repair, reuse and recycle

Tired fixtures and fittings can date a room without trying, and will often require timely intervention to prevent additional damage. Attend to repairs as and when you can, and add splashes of colour to breathe new life into items you want to keep. Upcycling remains a popular trend while reusing and recycling furniture, fixtures and accessories helps environmentally conscious homeowners to modernise rooms without compromising sustainability.

DESIGN SCENE GUIDE Simple Ways to Modernise a Room

Get creative with lighting

Experimenting with lighting is another simple and, often,a relatively cheap way to modernise a room. A new light fitting can elevate a room towards its full potential, while simultaneously drawing attention to its best qualities. For example,light can help smaller rooms to appear larger and more inviting while brightening and adding depth and texture to larger spaces. Whether you keep things classic with a chandelier or introduce contemporary spotlights, the right lighting will go a long way towards modernising your home. Mirrors, too, can add a modern twist, distributing light and transforming any part of your home with relative ease.

Play with accessories

Once you have established a place for your furnishings, added the splashes of colour you’d like and made necessary repairs accessorising your home is yet another easy way to modernise a room. Accessories such as wall hangings, artwork and posters, soft furnishings, plants, rugs, photo frames and ornaments can bring character and charm, with a temporary answer to all of your decorating desires. After all, accessories can be moved, removed and replaced, meaning you’ll always have a quick and easy way to alter each room. Modernising your home has never been so simple.

Modernising your home needn’t be dictated by dramatic, expensive changes, or involve intimidating or complicated transformations. Some of the most useful interior design ideas are the simplest and most cost-effective, including redecoration, upcycling and clearing clutter. Remember that your home décor efforts are limited only by your imagination.

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