The Ultimate Guide to Buying Rare Gems

Rare gems are a timeless investment but what do you need to know before buying a gem stone? DESIGN SCENE editors talk to jewelers for you:

Rare Gems

When thinking of buying rare gems, one can choose from many forms. Some choose to invest in gems that are trendy and in style, while others want something classic that will stand the test of time. How do you make sure that the gems that you would buy are right for you?

Read on to know in this ultimate guide to purchasing rare gems.

Research How Gems are Graded

It is essential to know how gems receive their grading. This way, you will know if they are actually worth their price. Here is how jeweler’s grade gems:

By Color

Gemstones come in different colors, and the color depends on their saturation, tone, and hue. The goal is to get the color that you feel is most striking for you. Note that hues and tones will differ subtlety. You can go for a gem color that suits your eye color or your personality. The trick is to look at different samples. A jeweler can be of help when it comes to showing you how gemstones produce their optimal color.

Rare Gems

By Cut

By now, you may already be familiar with how some stones differ in price depending on their cut. The price difference depends on how gem cutters work on each piece. Like sculptors, they spend hours ensuring that each gem has the appropriate weight, color, and shape that would be best for mounting. In some gems, their price will depend on how intricate the cut is and how it adds to the gem’s sparkle.

By Clarity

A gemstone’s overall beauty also depends on its clarity. Some jewelers, in fact, would consider clarity as the ultimate factor for determining a gemstone’s marketability. A gem may have an intricate cut or striking color, but it would be worthless without its superb quality. Think of a gemstone’s clarity as something that makes it truly unique.

Rare Gems

By Size

Of course, a gemstone’s size would also be dictated by its weight. The weight depends on its size. Note that jewellers would also consider the size of a rare gem before mounting it to a ring, earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry.

Know the Right Jewelers

Rare gems will always be in high demand. So you should expect that once a rare one becomes available on the market, the ones who know the right jeweler will ultimately get first dibs. As such, you must know the right people in this industry.

Choose for the Right Occasion

Sometimes, buying a gem will depend on an upcoming occasion. If you are one of those, then you should make sure that your gem would be appropriate for the event. Charity ‘Jewel’ Walter, the founder of Dainty Jewells, shares with Design Scene magazine readers: “You may also need to consider which gemstones are fit for a particular occasion. At Dainty Jewells, we always recommend that you pick those that would go well with most types of dresses.” With this in mind, you can never go wrong. Check out your closet to find the style that you have.

Know Your Budget

Rare gems would often come at a specific price point. To avoid falling into the trap of overspending, you should have a specific budget in mind. One trick that you can do is to research about the acceptable price range of the particular gem you have in mind. This practice helps you gauge if you are about to get an excellent deal.

Rare gems are always priceless for collectors. However, it does not mean that you should buy without getting the necessary information first. Remember, due diligence is always a must.

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