How To Make Your Proposal Personal And Unique

Here’s our complete guide for making your proposal special

How To Make Your Proposal Personal And Unique

Every good proposal needs a few certain things, particularly a ring and a great location. But ticking these off in your proposal doesn’t guarantee it will be unique.

If you are getting ready to propose, you have decided that you want to spend the rest of your life with your (hopefully!) soon-to-be partner. Surely then, they deserve more than a run-of-the-mill proposal — they deserve the proposal of a lifetime!

With that in mind, how do you go about creating a unique proposal?

Well, you’ll need to think big. And you’ll need our help.

Here’s our complete guide for making your proposal special.

How To Make Your Proposal Personal And Unique

Make It Personal, Tell A Story

When you have reached the point of proposal, you will have tons of beautiful memories and wonderful stories that you share and regularly fall back on. These stories and memories define your relationship and define your love. So, why shouldn’t they shape your proposal? Your memories tell a story about your lives together.

Tell that story when you propose to your partner. You can tell it in so many ways, from the location you choose and the way you propose, to pre-proposal events and how you choose a ring.

For instance, maybe your partner tells a memorable story about the time you first met. They saw you across a crowded room, at the beach, or in a park, and instantly knew you were the one.

Take them back to that moment and space for your proposal. It proves that you value the relationship, from the first moment until that current moment where you are kneeling before them. It tells a story about how far you’ve come and that you have a lifetime of similar memories to come.

Or can choose a series of smaller pre-proposal events — meals, romantic days and trips, leading to the grand reveal of your ultimate proposal. Just imagine the look on your partner’s face after the great build up, or when you get down on one knee in the place you first met!

Bottom Line: If you want to make you proposal unique, tell a story that’s personal.

The Ring

We all feel the pressure of buying the ring, but, as Auckland’s Diamonds on Richmond knows, the process of buying a ring is special. Before you buy a ring, consider what your partner might like, and how they might like to go about it. Some people like to be surprised with a ring beyond their wildest dreams, while others want to pick it out together.

You may even want to consider confessing to friends and family that your proposal is coming soon. They can help you gather enough information from your partner about their preferences in secret.

Bottom Line: Don’t overlook your partner’s preferences before buying the ring.

How To Make Your Proposal Personal And Unique

Pay Attention To The Little Details

We derive meaning from all kinds of objects, seasons, and people. In any proposal, the smallest thing can make the biggest difference, like the weather or restaurant you’re at.

Think about the way you propose and what you are wearing. If your partner isn’t so traditional, maybe go with something different to getting down on one knee.

Are you proposing at your partner’s favorite time of day? If they love sunsets, an evening proposal will make it really special for them.

Bottom Line

From the start to the end, consider every element of your proposal and douse it with dollops of love and meaning, to create a rich experience for you and your partner.

If you have made the effort of telling a story, don’t hold it back by leaving plot holes!

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Kerry James Marshall and Jordan Casteel for Vogue US September 2020 Issue

Kerry James Marshall and Jordan Casteel for Vogue US September 2020 Issue

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