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How To Choose An Engagement Ring?

The options are endless and it is quite difficult to understand exactly what you are buying

Choosing an engagement ring can be a tiresome and often exhausting process when it should be fun and exciting. Sapphire or diamond? Paved or without paving? In platinum or in white gold? Rhodium or palladium? The options are endless… The technical terms are numerous and it is quite difficult to understand exactly what you are buying.

However, a ring is more than just a jewel! It symbolizes the big jump, long-term commitment, and great everlasting love.

Keep in mind that most women have been waiting for this moment for years. Do not miss out on the ring she dreams about and win her heart forever!

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The symbolism of the engagement ring

Before entering the technical part, we will talk about the symbolism of the engagement ring.

While some agree that the engagement ring has its origins in prehistoric and Egyptian rites, the official existence of the ring was reminiscent of Roman and Greek antiquity. At that time, it was a simple iron ring that had passed to the left annular where there was, according to beliefs, a vein that connected this finger directly to the heart.

It is in the Middle Ages that precious materials, including silver and bronze, gradually replace the very simple iron ring. It was not until the 15th century that precious stones and diamonds started adorning the rings. The diamond, reserved for the nobility, was a guarantee of the harmony of the couple after the marriage.

So much for the story, let’s get back to the heart of the matter!

Which stone to choose?

Symbol of purity and eternity, it is traditionally the diamond that is the most chosen gemstone for an engagement ring. But if you want to get off the beaten track know that it is quite possible to offer a beautiful ring mounted sapphire, an emerald or even a ruby.

The diamond offers, in my opinion, the advantage of going with everything, clothing and other jewelry. The colored stone as it is a more original option.

There is really no rule, I advise you rather probe the tastes of your future wife.

Which style of engagement ring to choose?

Engagement ring models there are hundreds, if not thousands. However, there are 3 main types of rings.

The solitary It is a ring on which is set a stone in its center. This is probably the most classic engagement ring.

Solitaire supported or solitary accompanied The ring is crimped of a diamond in its center with small diamonds, also called paving, to dress all or part of the ring body.

The trilogy The ring is set with 3 diamonds of identical size.

Which metal to choose?

Yellow gold, white gold or platinum? This is another choice to pay attention to.

Before anything else, I advise you to look at the rings your future wife has. This observation will allow you, at first, to define if she prefers a yellow or white metal. Yellow and white metals can be found in a variety of types so knowing your wife’s to be taste and style is essential to getting it right.

White gold and platinum look a lot alike, they differ on essentially 3 points, which are purity, durability, and resistance. Platinum is rarer in nature and is more expensive. About 30 to 40% more expensive than gold.

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