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How to Fix Damaged Designer Handbags

It’s important to get your handbag repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage.


Typically, a designer handbag can be a huge investment. Hence, if you want to get the most out of your money, you should learn how to properly take care of your favorite leather handbag to ensure it’ll last for a long time. However, there are instances that you’ll have to deal with some damages due to wear and tear. In such a case, it’s important to get your handbag repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Luckily, this article will show you some tips on how to fix damaged designer handbags to make it more useful for decades.

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Salvatore Ferragamo Viva Bow bag / Courtesy of © Salvatore Ferragamo

1. Apply a Coat of Leather Conditioner for Cracked or Scratched Handbag

Cracks and scratches are one of the most common kind of damage you’ll see in a designer leather handbag. However, serious cracks and deeper scratches can make your bag unattractive and not functional for frequent use. Because of this, you should have these issues repaired right away to preserve the beauty and utility of your handbag.

To do this, you should apply a coat of leather conditioner to fix the damage. It’s important to apply several rubs of the conditioner so the moisturizer can penetrate in the damaged areas. When it comes to deep cracks, you can apply leather glue to the interior surface of the crack. Once the glue is applied, press the crack’s edges together and quickly wipe off extra glue. Once it’s dry, rub another coat of leather conditioner to finally fix your cracked or scratched handbag.

If you would rather go for some prevention rather than a cure and you’re looking for functional designer handbags that can’t be easily cracked or scratched, then Bidinis bags are an excellent option.

2. Stitch Torn Seams

Another issue that may affect your handbags is torn seams. Just like cracks and scratches, torn seams can also affect the beauty and functionality of the bag. So, to start fixing the problem, you need leather needles, scissors, and waxed thread to match the current thread in your handbag. Once you’re ready, you can begin stitching the torn seams by taking one stitch from the underside of the bag to one of the existing holes. Be sure you hide the knot on the underside to keep the handbag beautiful.

Once you’re done, make use of the other needle to do stitching of the other hole. Then, bring the first needle to the second hole to ensure you have both needles which are coming from the same hole. Do the final stitching using each needle into the next existing hole until you complete the repair by knotting both threads on the underside of the seam.

3. Patch Tears inthe Lining of the Handbag

More often than not, the lining of your handbags can be more abused than the exterior. Thus, if you want to ensure the lining is still in good shape, it’s best topatch the tears in the lining. To get started, you’ll need a small piece of matching fiber that’s bigger than the tear, needle and thread, pins, and scissors.

Once you’re ready with your materials, begin cutting a piece of the fabric and folding its exterior edge below the wrong side. Be sure to press the patch with an iron to avoid getting it unfolded as you go on working. From there, stitch from the underside of the patch and make sure the thread goes through the patch. Catch some parts of the current lining fabric and slide the needle from below the lining fabric to the patch. Work around the patch continuously until you’ve sewn it and knot the thread.

Gucci Jackie 1961 Handbag / Courtesy of © Gucci

4. Use Leather Paints to Fix Peeling Leather Edges

Even if it’s a high-quality designer leather handbag, your bags can still be susceptible to peeling edges on the straps and other areas. To repair this kind of damage, you need to prepare a leather paint and a small paintbrush. Once you have everything in place, you can start removing any peeling paint from the handbag’s damaged areas. Then, apply a small amount of leather paint using a brush to the peeling leather edges. Make sure to apply several coats and allow them to dry.

Final Thoughts

With the information mentioned above, there’s no doubt you can repair a damaged designer handbag. Just follow these tips and you can preserve your favorite bag for a long time. Remember, your handbag plays an essential role in your day-to-day activities. Aside from being a better investment, it can also be used to keep your personal items and as a fashion accessory depending on your outfit. That’s why it should be repairedquickly in case of usual damages.

However, if you’ve noticed some serious problems such as a broken strap or heavily discolored spots, these can be signs you call a professional bag repair shop. These professionals will surely restore the original beauty of your designer handbag.


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