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Creative Ideas on How to Bring the Most Sought-After Art in Your Home

Art is a fantastic way to set the mood in every room in your home. It helps define your place’s personality, warmth, and character

Creative Ideas on How to Bring the Most Sought-After Art in Your Home

Art is a fantastic way to set the mood in every room in your home. It helps define your place’s personality, warmth, and character. What is even more significant, amongst all machine-made items, art is what makes your home feel more human

Yet, choosing art for a room in your home, and later installing the pieces you love, is, for most of us, labor-intense, and quite rightfully. Today, the choices are practically endless. We can choose from original paintings to digital prints, sculpture to textile, conceptual works to limited edition objects. We can have original artwork or replicas and adaptations from the most popular or timeless art pieces known to humanity, depending on our home decor style and budget.

With that said, we do understand the struggles many homeowners face when deciding on bringing art to their homes. That is why we’re here to give you ten ideas to inspire you to introduce the most sought-after artworks in your modern home.

Creative Ideas on How to Bring the Most Sought-After Art in Your Home
The Great Wave off Kanagawa, by Katsushika Hokusai , Source: Wikimedia Commons

#1 Hang a tapestry with a motive from an iconic art piece

A bold and creative way to introduce art and change a living space is by including a wall tapestry with a motive from an iconic art piece. For example, imagine how vibrant your room can feel with a tapestry displaying the Great Wave off Kanagawa. This iconic and famous piece of Japanese art laid the foundation for modern art. Still, it also evokes intense feelings of the irresistible force of nature and human beings’ weakness every time you see it. Different designs on tapestries can convey different emotions and vibes in a room, depending on your taste and decor style. What remains certain is that wall tapestry is a great way to lift the energy in the space and create an atmosphere of warmth.

#2 Create an inspiring gallery wall

Displaying reproductions and creating a gallery wall is a fun way to bring art and personality to your home. For example, if you love Picasso, why not own a few reproductions of his most famous artworks and arrange them in your living room? Or maybe, make a more inspiring wall by mixing a variety of artworks from different famous painters, or maybe go bold and combine prints from paintings you love with photographs or exhibition canvas posters and prints with framed souvenirs or sculptures. The more personal your gallery wall is, the more original and refreshing it will be. Most importantly, you need to take your time. A captivating gallery wall should look and feel carefully collected. Don’t worry about the size of your home. A gallery wall is perfect for large and small places since it can give a room interest, depth, and an adequately decorated feel without taking up any floor space.

Creative Ideas on How to Bring the Most Sought-After Art in Your Home

#3 Make it pop through colors

If you prefer more vibrant and opulent creative solutions for your home then bringing Pop Art in your interior design is your best bet. Naturally, the most famous representative of this movement is the artist Andy Warhol. His works are color portraits of famous people. One of his most popular work is the Merlin Monro one. Or if you prefer a comic-strip style art, you can choose to hang a poster from the legendary Drowning Girl of Roy Lichtenstein. Regardless of whichever art piece you choose, pop art-inspired space is uplifting and creates a feel-good room.

For this reason, bringing famous art pieces in this style is excellent for living rooms or teen bedrooms. However, be careful when you choose color combinations for the rest of the room’s furniture – you want it to match the picture. In any case, the bright color combinations will make your home a very happy place.

#4 Introduce modern one-of-a-kind furniture as art

According to interior design experts, modern furniture has become the new collectible of the art world. Design and art are, now more than ever, integrated, and furniture’s functional aspects are put aside or integrated into another aspect – its beauty. That way, it is easy to see and consider furniture an art. From the Wassily Chair or Arco floor lamp to the new movement of eco-friendly and artistic furniture pieces, collecting and curating one-of-a-kind furniture pieces in your home can definitely give a new dimension to your living place. It can help you create a unique and personal home where function meets aesthetics and visual form.

Creative Ideas on How to Bring the Most Sought-After Art in Your Home

#5 Use wallpaper murals featuring your favorite art pieces

Another great way to introduce your favorite and most sought-after art in your home is by using wallpaper murals. They can come in any design you want, and installing them can be fun and easy. Art wallpaper murals can dramatically change your entire space’s look and give your room or sitting area a sophisticated and glamorous view. For example, if you are fascinated by Van Gogh’s work, opt for a wallpaper featuring his masterpiece Almond Blossoms. It fits perfectly for a reading corner in your living or dining room. However, murals are also incredible for entryways, bringing up the surprise element whenever someone enters your home. To achieve the desired effect, make your feature wall the one you see first while entering the room.


Art has the power to uplift moods and changes the spirit of a room. It can complement and accentuate any home’s interior aesthetic, with as little or as much as we like to spend on it. So, when you want to introduce popular art to your home, focus on the decorative objects and artwork that bring you joy and match your living space.

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