5 Alternative Choices for Wedding Rings That Stand Out

Here are some ideas to get you thinking outside the box on your hunt for the perfect symbol of love

5 Alternative Choices for Wedding Rings That Stand Out

There’s an implicit irony in wedding jewelry. We each like to think of our love as special and unique — and it is. However, when it comes down to rings and wedding bands, even those of us who tend to dress on the alternative side frequently go with incredibly traditional choices.

In defense of the traditional choices, diamond engagement rings and gold bands are beautiful. There’s a reason they’re so enduringly popular. The first time you see a diamond’s cut under a gem scope is a real WOW moment. The durable nature of metals like gold and platinum symbolizes a lasting bond. It does make sense.

What if you do dare to be different, though? Finding something unique expresses how much thought you put into this most important of jewelry pieces. Here are some ideas to get you thinking outside the box on your hunt for the perfect symbol of love.

1) Tungsten Carbide Rings

One of the first questions a jeweler will ask when you’re shopping for wedding bands is whether either of you does manual work. Some metals used for rings will scratch easily. Not so with tungsten carbide rings.

The artisan rings you can get in tungsten carbide can be beautiful. Black tungsten rings work well with an alternative, craft-based aesthetic, for example.

Tungsten carbide rings are incredibly scratch-resistant, which is its own representation of a long-lasting relationship. Choosing one of the artisan rings available in this metal is a great practical alternative to a more traditional band.

Traditional — but are you?

5 Alternative Choices for Wedding Rings That Stand Out

2) Unusual Gemstones

As mentioned before, diamonds possess a unique beauty. They’re the most popular stone for engagement bands for a reason. But while diamonds may be forever, they’re not for everyone.

Many people prefer gemstones that have personal meaning to them, such as their birthstone. Some people prefer other colors to bright white. And some of us love the unusual.

Stones like tanzanite are great ideas for those looking for uniqueness. It’s extremely rare and only found in one tiny area of Tanzania. Some estimates suggest over-mining will make it unavailable soon. Getting hold of a beautiful and rare stone for your engagement ring while there’s still time makes for a unique option.

3) Ornamentation

This one is for the drop-dead cool colleague I once worked with at a coffee shop. She had a fantastic style, and when the time came, her engagement ring matched that. It was black and featured a skull with a diamond between its teeth—what a statement.

In terms of ornamentation, the artisan rings you can find or have made can express your personality. Whether it’s a symbol of you, your relationship with your partner, or just something very cool, get creative with your jewelry. It’s so rewarding, and trust me, people notice.

5 Alternative Choices for Wedding Rings That Stand Out

4) Non-Metallic

Depending on your line of work, some alternatives to metal can be ill-advised. If you do a lot of manual labor, a wooden ring will get scratched to bits and possibly broken. Stick to tungsten carbide rings.

However, if you have the delicate, soft hands of a writer, a ring made of wood or many other natural materials can be a superb choice. For some, it can symbolize a connection to nature. For others, it’s just a great look.

The artisan rings you can find in non-metallic materials are endless. They’re gorgeous and fun. Just think about what it’ll be coming into contact with first.

5) No Ring

Outside the box? Forget about the box. Why not do something totally different?

How about matching engagement tattoos, ink fans? If you’re into piercings, why not find a beautiful stud to symbolize your unique love?

The Takeaway

Whatever you choose, pick something that delights both you and your partner. It’s all about you, so break the mold and make your statement!

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