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DESIGN SCENE GUIDE: How To Stay In Style On a Budget 

Keep reading for three ways to save you money on stylish products!

DESIGN SCENE GUIDE How To Stay In Style On a Budget 

You’re here because you like to read the biggest fashion magazines, follow the top influencers, and you definitely look forward to any fashion week. Wearing the latest designer garments and having the most up-to-date decor is every woman’s dream. Sadly, those top-of-the-line clothes are only worn in your dreams because they are WAY out of your budget.

You shouldn’t stress, and you definitely shouldn’t give up on your vision. There are many ways to acquire the threads and style you deserve without breaking your bank.

Having good taste is expensive, but you can still get great deals on products if you know where to look. Keep reading for three ways to save you money on stylish products!

Online Thrift Stores

You can do almost anything on the internet, and that includes thrifting. Many options range from name brand designer shops to casual streetwear. However, you have to be careful that you’re getting authentic products if you’re buying an expensive brand online.

According to trvst, shops like The RealReal have luxury consignment clothing and accessories that are authenticated by experts, so you know you’re getting the brand’s products.

ThredUP sells secondhand clothes at a much cheaper price. Depop is another great place to find vintage, designer, or streetwear clothes sold by people just like you.

Bonus — if you’re looking to get rid of clothes, you could also sell your items on any of these websites to earn extra money towards an upgraded wardrobe!

DESIGN SCENE GUIDE How To Stay In Style On a Budget 


Flea Markets

You can definitely find clothes at a flea market, but they’ll mostly be handmade casual wear. Flea markets are generally recommended for furniture and decor listed at a fraction of the cost. You can find older dressers, tables, and chairs for prices you wouldn’t believe.

It’s important to note that buying furniture from these places means that each piece you buy will probably have some wear and tear. However, this is nothing that can’t be fixed with a bit of paint. It’s the deal that counts!

If you find a pine dresser that doesn’t match your room’s aesthetic, sand it and paint it. Besides, anyone can walk into a store and buy a piece of furniture, but an item that you put your own time and creativity into is uniquely yours.

Search For Sales and Clearance Items

This is a big one that will make a huge difference in how much money you spend on fashion. Looking for sales and clearance items allows you to spend a lot less money and still shop from the brands you love.

Instead of shopping off of the mannequin, head straight to the clearance rack. Don’t even look at the storefront. You’ll usually be able to find something just as cute but with the price marked way down.
If you don’t find anything you like, remember to be patient! Stores have sales every quarter, so waiting even a week before going on a shopping spree could save you hundreds.

The beautiful thing about clearance and sales is that major stores usually offer sales online more often than they do in-store. Take advantage and sign up to receive newsletters and notifications from your favorite shop about their next sales.

DESIGN SCENE GUIDE How To Stay In Style On a Budget 


Shopping is fun and, for many women, it’s a source of therapy. However, it’s also stressful and dissatisfying if you feel like you can’t afford the clothes you want.

It’s definitely possible to support your habit and still stay within your means. Online thrift stores will be your best friend when it comes to shopping on a budget. Remember to keep your eye out for sales and check out your local flea market often! Happy shopping!

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