Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Wondering what’s the difference between tape-clip-ins and tape in clip hair?

Thinking about jumping into the glamorous world of hair extensions but are confused about which are the best type to use? Wondering what’s the difference between tape-clip-ins and tape in clip hair? No need to worry this article will help you find out which type of hair extension is best for you!


What Are Tape-In Hair Extensions and how do they work?

If you want to have long, flowing locks all day, every day for at least 8 weeks then tape ins could be the answer. No more spending most of your morning fiddling with clip-in hair extensions, tape-In extensions offer beautiful hair on a semi-permanent basis.

It is possible to install tape-in extensions yourself – but hair extension brand, Clip-Hair, recommends that you get your tape-in hair extensions installed professionally for the best results. The entire process takes around two hours, but the results last 8-10 weeks, so it is totally worth it!

The procedure is very simple – a professional hair stylist places the tape underneath a small section of your hair root and tapes in the extension. The scalp is avoided to protect the hair root and to provide the utmost comfort.

Tape-in hair extensions are taped into your hair for a semi-permanent look

Benefits of tape in hair extensions

● Once tape-in hair extensions are installed – you are done! You don’t have to worry about taking them out or applying them every day
● Natural looking with Remy human hair and very discreet as they lay flat to your head
● You can also cut, wash, and dye tape-in hair extensions, just like your own hair
● Safe for holidays, swimming, dancing, sleeping and showering!
● The least damaging type of permanent hair extensions

Get The Look:

Enhance your brown hair for the summer with ClipHair’s Soft Bronze Balayage Tape ins. These subtle highlights add sun-kissed strands to your natural brown hair.


What Are Clip-In Hair Extensions and how do they work?

Clip-in hair extensions are an instant way to boost length, add colour or volume to your hair. Easy to take out and put in, this type of hair extension is ideal for non-committal babes.

Clip-in hair extensions are incredibly easy to use. You can fit them yourself in just a few minutes at home! Simply part your hair into sections and clip in each hair extension over the root and hey presto – instant lusciousness.

Clip-in hair extensions can easily be clipped into your hair


● An effortless, affordable and swift way to add instant glamour to your hairstyle
● Ultra versatile, you can change your look every day – don’t have to commit to one style
● Can attach yourself – no costly stylists needed!
● Cause no damage to your natural hair
● Comfortable to wear all-day long

Get The Clip In Look:

High-quality hair extensions are essential if you desire glossy real hair minus the tangles. Clip-Hair’s clip-in extensions are manufactured from the best grade of Remy human hair and feature silicone-lined clips for maximum comfort.

Clip ins vs Tape-ins: Which One is Better for You?

Both types of hair extensions offer numerous benefits, therefore the decision is totally down to you.

Need a little inspiration? Think about your personal and lifestyle preferences:

Are you looking for effortless glamour? Do you know exactly what type of hairstyle you want? If the answer is YES, then tape hair extensions, are your gals. These no-fuss extensions offer at least 2 months of beautiful hair with minimum maintenance, leaving you to get on with your fabulous life.

Do you find it hard to decide on a permanent style and would rather match your hair to your vibe? Do you love experimenting with your look? If you agree with these statements then clip-in hair extensions are perfect for you!

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