Prep your Garden for Summer

Late spring or early summer is the best time to plan a revamp in the garden.

When it comes to interior design and DIY, there are lots of ways you can make your home elegant. Fresh colours and a minimal aesthetic are always in style and look chic. When it comes to DIY in the garden, however, it can be a little trickier to get that freshly landscaped, sleek look. It requires quite a bit of hard work, mowing, planting, sowing and planning to get an outdoor space in shape. Late spring or early summer is the best time to plan a revamp in the garden, so you can enjoy the space throughout the sunnier months. It is best to cover the basics of gardening first, before adding some furniture and accessories to section off areas for relaxation or dining.

Getting Started

Start with the basics of gardening – this means weeding, pruning, mowing and cleaning. Weed any areas that need it, trim back the hedges or any overgrowth, and give the garden a tidy up. This will not only encourage fresh green growth, but it will let you see exactly what kind of space you are working with. Tidy any patio areas or wooden decking, and perhaps use a power washer if needed to hose down paths, stonework and walls. Once the hard work is complete, it’s time to start implementing easy garden ideas to decorate the space and get it summer-ready.

When your garden looking neat and tidy, it’s a good time to start adding furniture and accessories. If you have existing garden furniture, it may be nice to give it a fresh coat of paint or varnish, especially if it has been sitting outside or in storage throughout the winter. Any chairs, tables or other items that need repair can often be fixed quickly and easily with a specialist glue. If you have materials that are compatible with epoxy glue, you can repair any cracks or breakages swiftly, without the need for extra tools or skills. Other ways to get your garden ready for summer include the following:

• Plant colourful flowers and shrubs
• Use a selection of flower pots and bedding to vary the height and layout of garden plants
• Add bright cushions and blankets to any seating area for a pop of summer colour
• A large parasol over garden seating or a sun lounger will add a holiday feel to your garden
• A barbecue is the ultimate summer garden accessory
• Using garden lighting such as outdoor bulbs and candles will create a cosy, tranquil atmosphere on summer evenings

Garden Storage and Styling

One important aspect of keeping your garden looking today and inviting throughout the summer is storage. A shed is the handiest way to keep garden tools and other items such as bikes and outdoor appliances out of sight, and also safe. A garden shed can also make a great garden feature with a coat of paint, for example. Choose neutral, natural shades of green or taupe for a subtle look, or branch out with deep colours such as navy or charcoal grey to make more of a statement. Likewise, revamping the shed door can truly lift a garden shed and elevate the overall look of your garden. Rather than being a simple storage solution, a garden shed can be a design item in any outdoor space.

Revamping your garden can be a difficult but ultimately satisfying task, and it is well worth the time investment. A garden can act like an extra room in your house throughout the summer and is an ideal place to enjoy a morning coffee or host a BBQ with friends and family. Once all the hard graft of DIY gardening is complete, it’s time to sit back and relax outdoors with a coffee or cocktail, soaking up the summer sun.


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