Simple Updates That Make Your Home Elegant

Scroll down for the best-kept secrets of classy home remodelling

Simple Updates That Make Your Home Elegant

We all perhaps dream of a home that exudes vintage charm and elegance. The general idea about creating an opulent setup at home is that you’ll have to break the bank to do so. What if we share our secret of giving your home an elegant makeover with simple updates that would only require your time, patience, and a bit of out-of-the-box thinking? Scroll down for the best-kept secrets of classy home remodelling.


The first step in creating a show-stopping elegant home is de-cluttering. Create a blank canvas by removing all those dusty knick-knacks that have been lying around for ages. If they carry emotional value, introduce a change in position. But remember, nothing kills the luxe vibe than meaningless clutter.

Simple Updates That Make Your Home Elegant

Fresh Paint

Wall colours make a big difference to the look and feel of a room. A tranquil white to allow everything else in the space to stand out or bold accent colour to define the personality of your décor.

Mirrors in ornate frames

Mirrors can do wonders in opening up a small space. A strategically positioned mirror with an ornate frame reflecting a window opposite will liven up your room in an instant. Pro tip: Keep an elegant vase of fresh blooms near the mirror for a rich, nature-inspired look.

Simple Updates That Make Your Home Elegant

Hallway gallery

A narrow hallway turns animated with family photographs in vintage frames. Turn on the focus lights and enjoy a walk down memory lane.

Fittings and fixtures

Simple yet classy upgrades like metallic pull and knobs give your doors and cabinets a new look altogether. Hardware fittings in bruised gold accents will scream luxury like no other.

Play with lighting

Update the ceiling lighting fixtures to enhance the mood of your home. Layers of lighting from shelves to table tops to the corners of a room can help create focus and a cosy vibe.

Simple Updates That Make Your Home Elegant

Add drama

Statement pieces like an elaborate chandelier can not only add drama to your home but also become a conversation starter. Get gothic light fixtures like wall sconces from an online lighting store such as OzLighting to give an otherwise neutral room a grand twist.

Drapes and upholstery

Beautiful pinch-pleated drapes with some added trimmings give a dignified look to your home. Switch your regular cotton and leather upholstery with luxe fibres like velvet and indulge in the sumptuous feel.

Spruce up the bed

Add layers and height to your bed to make it look like it belongs to a high-profile catalogue. Visible layers of crisp sheets, soft blankets, and fluffy comforters with neatly arranged pillows of different sizes and textures along the high headboard will call out ‘come hither to relax in luxury’.

Splendour of antiquity

Well-chosen antiques can lend a hand to the luxurious aesthetics of your home. Level up with an heirloom cabinet or a Persian rug in your living room. Adorn your home with dark wooden pieces made of oak, ebony, or walnut to showcase a timeless richness.

Do you have a simple yet stately home-styling idea to share?


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